2023/08/21st   –  What is truth ?

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1 – What is truth? – the ancient question.

Every article is someone’s opinion and these all have someone’s opposite opinion debunking each other. Hillary Clinton is supposedly dead, yet she is now commenting about Trump (who is also supposed to be dead) and she is hinting about running for 2024 – and Obama (supposed to be dead) is planning to run too ? So many others supposedly executed, and the latest theory is Trump is pretending to be in the fake “Plan” to keep us all at bay waiting for him to move and arrest all the Cabal ? If so, why are they spending so many $millions to stop him being re-elected ?  Nothing is believable any more. We can only trust, believe and pray. We all know that good will eventually prevail over evil. Thus only a few, but heavy articles in this post.

Take your time to absorb

1a – Yuri Buzmenov – This is where we are at.


1b – Mark Levin: This has never been done before


1c – We’re watching the longest-running show of modern times

Neil Oliver: We’ve all been watching the longest-running show of modern times. But soon the show might soon be over, as more and more of the audience, especially in the cheap seats, are becoming restless, aware of how uncomfortable their seats are.


2 – Voice To Parliament is a LIE and a Trick to enable the Globalists Corporate Agenda into Australia and install fully blown Apartheid. 


3 – China’s Apocalypse after the floods


4 – New BRICS Currency On The Agenda

The South African  End of the Rand?  New BRICS currency on the agenda One of the discussion points at the 15th summit of Southern Hemisphere nations will be a BRICS currency.  If it goes ahead, how will it work?


5a – This is how they shape the narrative show.


5b – NOT so good in China,  no ID = no food.

6a – We didn’t start the fires


6b – Multiple M6.0 – M6.5 Earthquakes — Southern California M5.0 event due —


6c – The Australian Climate Scam


7 – Human Blood farms? Blood mixed with animal blood and sold on the black market to hospitals?


8a – The White Rabbit Update – a wise woman


8b – “Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming” – Tucker Carlson’s Last WARNING

This speech applies here in the Commonwealth of Australia and every wanna be politician and pastor should hear this.


9 – Dr Coleman – A Message to the Jabbed


10 – Come to the WATER and cool off or Burn in the apocalypse! 


11 – 50 Voices of Ritual Abuse! – Trailer


12a -A good uncle – we need more like this

12b – Sodom and Gomorrah is here

12c – Cannibalism is here too

Qantas top pilot

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