2023/08/23 The Voice results have begun to Create hate and racism – the real agenda

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1aDJT says busy tomorrow night…. ie Aust Thursday?

1b – Putin builds FREE homes for Lugansk people


1c – A message and warning from down under


2a – The Voice – hate + racism is the real agenda


2b – Slipping Voice support is ‘catastrophic’ for Albanese


2c – Disturbing stuff: So-called independent’ fact checkers targeting Voice ‘No’ campaign


2d – How the Voice might end … hopefully

3a – Oprah Winfrey investigated for Maui Fires


3b – Public Service announcement from Maui

The people in Hawaii still have guns and ammo! They should shoot and kill the demonic cops and government creatures. These satanic creatures murdered your people. Do something about it instead of TALKING and PROTESTS and PETITIONS – that is what whimpies do.


4a – How to manipulate the 8 billion people?

4b – Smart means Control – Senator Alex Antic    

5 – Over 50 cars are stolen every day

6a – Treacherous Gold Coast Council Runs for Cover on S.M.A.R.T City Agenda – Residents Outraged


6b – ‘Local Government’ Game Is Up: Councils Are Businesses and Registered Corporations


7a – This is why I refused to wear a mask at all

7b is part of 7a

7bMicroplastics in humans: After blood, find traces in the lungs


8a – Brics upcoming events

8b – The BRICS Are Ready To Shock The International Monetary System


8c – India’s Rs 6,000 crore Quantum Mission is its first tech transformation project

[23/08, 2:19 pm] Indra Vadan Singh: This clearly announces the implementation of Quantum Technology in every field which runs on the block unhackable chain system at a speed of 3.5 trillion frames per sec. Soon we will see Quantum Financial System, Quantum Health Technology Etc. GESARA is now being rolled out and this will be a Global collaboration with 209 countries participating.  Once 6000 hidden technologies are the released with GESARA the quantum technology will completely transform the way we live on earth – Anti gravity, med beds all supported by the QFS.

Indra Vadan Singh: This Quantum technology is already developed and will be released at the Revaluation Redemption Appointments with Quantum phones and computers given to each individual worldwide.


9 – Robin Bullock – Heavenly Wealth Transfer


10 – Bruce call 23 Aug summary

And now Bruce has gone to talk about Sue and her Programs as he always does.   So I think that’s all our intel for today  – after which he’ll for sure thank his whole Team Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott and Jeannie and Larry, and of course praying out the call as always.  Oh and thanking those faithful listeners from all around the world.  So please join with Bruce in that prayer   – there is now so much healing that’s needed all around our world – and those Med-Beds cannot be released fast enough. Which we should ALL BE PRAYING FOR and please please keep our own prayers said with the most heartfelt intent for this Heavenly Blessing to finally be released and Received with very open hearts , minds and souls.   

However the EBS comes out – this disclosure might well go into 4 months or to the end of the year to get all the Truth out to us – we’ve heard what they’ve said  – but we’re not sure – it will be all be new and exciting and we do know a lot of the Truth but not ALL The TRUTH. It is not 4 months of a lockdown – just disclosure of the Lies we’ve been told.

11 – End of the World ? – no, it’s not a doom + gloom message

End of Post

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