2023/08/27th – The Voice hidden agenda + BRICS make their move

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1a – Missing Info on the Hawaii Fires

1b – HAARP Then and Now

2 – BRICS Make Their Move – Biden-omics Betrays the Nation


3a – Wake up – the Voice hidden agenda

Fair Australia Website – https://www.fairaustralia.com.au/

3b – Who are you going to Trust ? – Tim Dwyer  

3c – Wayne Glew – Political Murder Treason and Treachery


3d – Guthrie Card Birth Certificate Slavery


The Card referred to above

4 – A crisis you can know is coming 

5a – Trump has a trick up his sleeve to throw off Georgia prosecutors


5b – Supreme Court smacks Biden with a devastating loss he never saw coming


6 – Looking for Giants in all the wrong places … Start at 54 mins


You have heard of ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’… well, you are looking for giants in all the wrong places. So much to learn hereeg – at 59.45 minutesBULLOCK:  Even if you could make a giant the size of Og… it just would not work like it did in those days. Well, ONE REASON is because our military would take it down. And, as far as that goes, a Bubba in Alabama with a 30-Alt-6 would handle it for you. WARNING:  So the spirits are not going to do it the same way again. FACT:  Jesus dealt with that spirit, and the Body of Christ is supposed to keep dealing with it. Yes, transhumanism is happening… and hybrid races are trying to be formed… all of this stuff.

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