2023/08/29th – Prominent Ab-Originals say NO

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1 – It’s a takeover says Anthony Mundine


2a – Why hasn’t Trump used his Commander in Chief Powers yet – explained well @1.48

2b – Multi-layered psyops from Donald

3a – The COVID Censorship Chain of Command


“You cannot comply your way our of a tyranny.” – European Parliament, Christine Andersen, about the state of affairs in our world (23Aug2023)

3b – The WHO adviser who demanded 100% lockdowns & mass vaccinations is now DEAD.


3c – A live 8cms long roundworm from a python snake inside a NSW woman’s brain

Australian medical experts found a live 8cms long roundworm from a python snake inside a NSW woman’s brain, the first case of its kind in the world. Details of the shocking case were released today by the Australian National University and the Canberra Hospital. The Ophidascaris Robertsi roundworm was pulled from the 64-year-old woman after brain surgery, still alive and wriggling.



4a – Hundreds Of ULEZ Cameras DESTROYED: Growing Group Vow To Destroy EVERY CAMERA


4b – Nevada Rangers Ram Thru Climate Change Blockade


5 – Entire world is becoming Disillusioned


6 – Infantoriums – Babies incubated after the last RESET

7a – Maui – DEW evidence


7b – One hundred and eleven Wildfires in Greece


7c – Canada 10,00 ha burned – flames are not normal


7d – Simpsons predictions – Maui, DEWs and Blue colour


8 – Pause for thought – who is Vivek Ramaswamy

9a – Is the US$ about to crash – What will take its place? BRICS ?


9b – Dutch Digger News 29-8-2023    mp3  

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