2023/08/30 – They’re all in on it

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The Federal Reserve has been rolled into the US Treasury. The IRS is no more. The fiat US Dollar is defunct and we are now functioning on a gold/asset-backed US Note. Big pharmaceutical companies will be sued to oblivion. The oil market has been brought to zero to bring down Rockefeller.  Free energy is on its way.  Free Med Bed Treatments will replace hospitals and drugs to create maximum health by allowing the body to heal itself through light and sound waves.  Constitutional Law will grace the land.  Nations will be sovereign and free.  Cabal Deep State agencies will come tumbling down. Peace will reign.

1a – He’s got the Goods – The Bankruptcy Documents

1b – New Gene Decode: BRICS & US Military Bringing it All Down With Nicholas Veniamin – best summary of what is going on


3a – MAUI – Now erasing the DNA of the dead + Land grabs


3b – Where did the fires come from ?

3c – Look what can be done with DEWs

3d – Burn, burn, look at the North + East Australia

It’s all about Land Grabs If the Referendum fails – will we see DEW fires here


4a – They’re all in on it – watch all

Copy to URL https://www.bitchute.com/video/xlkflgXQC1Kp/

4b – Fake footage on MSM

It seems that no matter how much info and advice is given, even the “intelligent” ones still choose to cling to their beloved smartass phone device to bring their death forward – is that a kind of suicide?

5a – Covid-19 on Tower Circuit Boards


5b – 5G causes Covid or is it Pandem 2 or EG5


5c – Nano Graphene payment systems invisible QR Codes detectable via Smart phones

Do the test and get it out.  This is not to scare – just get rid of it.  Lots of people have Mac numbers now…


6a – Hand Signs – Freemason Court to screw you

Copy to URL https://www.bitchute.com/video/B94v4nh2Bk8V/

6b – Wayne G – “time to string them up Australia”


6c – Banks/Voice  Hijacked – You are Warned


7 – Bruce’s call 29th Aug

8a – To Cheer you up


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