2023/08/31 – False Flags + Scare psyops coming

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BIDEN is being exposed, DS + FBI is melting, PRAY

1a – Trump Message To Wannabe Lockdowns

1b – Trump and the 4 booms – from Q   

1c – What is a National Emergency ? – Derek  

Remember, The US Corporation is bankrupt – Trading while bankrupt = TREASON = death penalty

2a – Some knew a long time ago, tried to tell us

Everyone using a Smartass device or WIFI is contributing to this

2b – Brain Drain

2c – Nothing is impossible 

3a – The Voice – Be careful how you vote 

3b – Don’t Destroy Australia We Are One People  Tim Dwyer

4a – New Pandemic coming… Psyop 1  

4b – Covid restrictions coming… Psyop 2  

4c – Why wouldn’t you take the vax ?  Tucker 

5a – Scott Morrison leaked Australian and US Government secrets so why has Morrison not been charged?  


5b – Hawaii Insurance Companies not paying

6a – What is your money worth ? 

6b – Say Goodbye to I AM A DEBTOR

Man and woman are the originators of credit, not the banks. We do not have the obligation to perform, they do

6c – A Q coin ?

7a – “10 Days” is again making the rounds.

8a -Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore – the Co2 myth 

This has been removed all over  “When we look at the long term history of Earth’s temperature and atmospheric CO2, it is glaringly obvious that these two key parameters are in an inverse correlation, at least as often as they are in any semblance of correlation. This evidence alone is sufficient to warrant deep speculation of any claimed lockstep causal relationship between CO2 and temperature.

8b – The untold story of the colour blue

Everything is a frequency – Everything is a vibration. Many people noticed blue umbrellas, blue houses, and blue cars were untouched by the fires in Hawaii. When you dig into the colour blue – you can see if a blue a laser was used the colour blue reflects it due to the vibrational pattern.

9a – Rockets don’t go into space 

9b – MH370  what happened ?

10a – Mercury to generate electricity ?

Nikola Tesla Mercury Engine, The Phoenix year of 1902 by Archaix, How teslas inventions were suppressed, earthquake machines, Hermann Plauson Atmospheric energy, fancy marketing of toxic foods, and much more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG7mEeAtD6Y

10b – Did Advanced Civilizations Exist Before Us?

Is that what occurred between Gen 1.1 and 1.2 Male and Female Bipeds (beasts with hands who could speak, Adam named them Hu-mans) They existed before Adam, the Mankind, and female/mate Eve came later. There have been many resets, our current civilization is primitive compared to what came before us.

11a – AI tech made easy for old people

11b – The Power of Nature

12 – Vision of the Dark Tracks

This 30-minute presentation by Trey Smith covers a vision from 2018 by Henry Shaffer. In the vision Henry Shaffer saw a very dark time that would specifically occur in the year of 2023. People were walking on a dark set of railroad tracks. There was no electricity, and food may have had shortages.


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