2023/09/01st – Coming 15 mins Cities = Qld Country towns too

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1a – Coming 15 mins Cities Country towns ?

Why are roads getting painted red at entry and exit points in towns across QLD? Supposedly to mark the 60km. They are for “”travel passes”” must stop and show your papers for sure.  I spoke briefly to a local councillor – she knew nothing… hmm She should !

Small towns around Kingaroy all have the red paint on the edges of town, but I haven’t seen the posts with chains yet https://www.bitchute.com/video/eP6NBi0Aaj6F/

1b – Alice Springs Racial Tension – soon in your town ?

1c – Serious message to ALL utility customers

SMART METERS harm people.,  keep this and send it to your Power Company when they try to put yours in… You can tell them you do not consent, you want the “card” removed and you will read your own meter.. make sure you do that asap..


2a – Q Anon – There is a plan

2b – Trump supports Home Schooling

2c – DC Washington is empty – fenced off

2d – The Vatican. the Crown and the Bankrupt US Corporation

2e – A ”sickening” tape containing “incontrovertible

Newsmax host Greg Kelly claimed that a ‘”sickening” tape containing “incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption” exists and will soon be released to the public in the coming weeks. Go to the links    There will be no 2024 election says WEF

‘Sickening’ Tape That Will End Biden’s Presidency To Be Released Soon: Newsmax Host – 

The People’s Voice (thepeoplesvoice.tv)  

3a – Maui – Trails back to Zuckerberg, Oprah etc


3b – Trump indictments – Be patient

By Michael Master Published August 30, 2023

Our Founding Fathers were pretty smart. They feared the tyranny of the majority that could be manipulated, especially manipulated by a politically driven media and by those who are in power, so they created:

1. a constitution with rights for the individual that are not subject to democratic will, not subject to the tyranny of the majority, not subject to the changing whims of a manipulated population; and

2. a separate, independent judicial branch that is not subject to the will of the people or subject to the executive branch or subject to the legislative branch.

Before coming to any conclusions concerning the guilt of Donald Trump, let’s watch what happens with these Trump indictments. Special counsel Jack Smith is 0 for 5 on appeals to the Supreme Court. Democrats have been continually reversed by this Supreme Court for using wrong laws and legal overreach and wrong interpretations of laws and the Constitution. All four Trump indictments by these Democratic prosecutors may suffer the same fate. We will not know until these cases go through the total process of trials and appeals all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. How many other accusations about Trump by Democrats have been proven false?

3c – Hawaii – special forces arrest local police

4a – Grandma swears because her grandson has not been vaxd

Would take hours to edit the foul language – sorry


Chantelle told me this woman is a crack addict., I have told u all b4 to detox,,you hav NOTHING to loose., we should all do it..I dont care if she uses crack,,the detox is good for us all..  I did some research and found a recipe for those interested. It’s beneficial if we do a detox bath EVERY DAY or at least once a  week.

Detox Bath
When we take a detox bath, we not only boost our health and well-being, but also strengthen our immune system. Your body’s pores are dealing with toxins all day, even if you’re not exercising. Sweating is one way of releasing your body from potentially harmful toxins, and detox baths are one way of sweating out toxins while not potentially exposing your body to harmful elements. The process behinds these baths is a version of osmosis. That basically means that toxins are first drawn to the surface of the skin by the bath’s hot water and then cleansed away as the water cools. 
–   2 Cups Epsom Salt
–   1 Cup Baking Soda
–   1 Tablespoon Bentonite Clay
–   20 Drops of Essential Oils (I use lavender)

Mix Epsom Salt, baking soda and bentonite clay together.
Add essential oils and pour into hot bath water.

1. Make sure you are properly hydrated.
A detoxing bath is supposed to be intense, drawing out all sorts of impurities from your body. Making sure you’re well hydrated beforehand will help prevent any unintentional damage to your body during the process.

2. Fill up a very hot bath.
Fill up the tub as much as you can, with the water as hot as you can stand it. This will help the bath be most effective in drawing out toxins.

3. Fill the tub with the active ingredients.
There are many recipes out there for detox baths. It’s up to you to decide what ingredients you’d like to add. This will determine what benefits your body will enjoy from the bath.
Most detox bath recipes contain at least one “harsh” ingredient that actively draws out the toxins. They’re things that you wouldn’t normally think of as bath ingredients, such as bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, or even hydrogen peroxide. They’re balanced out by “soothing” ingredients that lend other benefits. Think ginger, seaweed and (my favourite) essential oils.

4. Sink in and STAY in.
Follow the suggestions of your specific individual detox bath recipe. But it’s typically advised that you stay in your detox bath for at least twenty minutes. You have to give the ingredients time to work on your skin!
5. Dry off and treat your skin gently.
Be very careful getting out of the bath when your time is up. Your body’s just been through a lot. Take time to drink water and let your body recover. You can brush your body down for additional detoxing benefits, but be gentle to your body in general.

4b – Who was told they were injected with electromagnetic devices

NOMENCLATURE LIES exposed Even the first 5 min is scary .. best to learn the truth


4c – Pilots tells all -Will not submit again – Hearts buggered


5a – Dr testifies under Oath – they created Covid


5b – Queensland to lift COVID-19 vaccine mandate


6a – ‘Father of the Voice’: Noel Pearson …

Noel Pearson proving the proposal is based on ‘false hopes’

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has warned people to avoid listening to Indigenous leader Noel Pearson’s thoughts on the Voice to Parliament, describing him as the “father of the Voice”. “No one has done more than Noel Pearson to prove that, oh dear, the Voice is racist, useless, divisive and based on false hopes,” he said.


6b – The Voice MP3

Employees At Chinese Firm Behind US Battery Plant Builder Wearing Red Army Outfits, Pledging Life To CCP


7 – The music you all listen to of any genre, and do not know about


8 – This is where Dinosaurs came from – Kent Hovind

Some Day Everything Will Make Perfect Sense Until Then, Laugh at the Confusion, Live for the Moment And Know That Everything Happens For A Reason

“The End”  …   Q

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