2023/09/03rd – Australian Pedos – 28 named  

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1 – Australian Pedos – 28 named  

There was ALWAYS MORE THAN 28! All the powerful pedos in Australia (https://rumble.com/v1pjv33-all-the-powerful-pedos-in-australia.html) Thanks to Felicity from AU for writing up what they said to the best of her ability. There are older videos of pedo evidence.. And that’s Fiona Barnett . You can learn about her here ↓↓


2a – Mob Voice is the front name for Indigenous Voice Pty Ltd.

Note the Registration Dates

2b – People ‘not interested’ in Voice – cos they ‘don’t know what it is

Community Leader Uncle Richard says people are “just not interested” in the Voice to Parliament referendum as they “don’t know what it is”. “They don’t have a clue about the Voice and what the Voice is about and what the debate is about and what the constitution is about,” Mr Richard said.


2c – Why the hell do we need a Voice?

Anthony Mundine slams Voice to Parliament

Boxing legend Anthony Mundine has come out advocating against the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, labelling it a “takeover”. “Why the hell do we need a Voice? – we’ve got people in parliament, we’ve got senators … we are already making our voices heard,” Mr Mundine told Sky News Australia.


3a – Things to come if “Voice” referendum is successful.


3b – Referendum – Please Explain


3c – Peter Dutton promises second referendum – if the Voice Referendum fails

He surely  knows that we already had this very same Referendum in 1967 – He did not say what his referendum will be about ??


4 – Do not do it – listen between the lines  

5a – Democrats investigate election fraud – golly


5b – Tucker warns of threat of Trump assassination 

He believes both parties in “permanent Washington… have decided that there’s something about Trump this that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have it.    

5c – Oh Bummer

5d – JUST IN: Massive Backfire In Trump Scandal

6 – Europe just dealt a DEVASTATING blow to FREE SPEECH 


7a – Maui Hawaii Has DUMBs Underground 8 to 10 Sex Trafficking Tunnels We Just Lasered Them


7b – Mark Zuckerberg called out as one of the leaders of human trafficking on Kauai.

8 – Tracking Children – Smart Cities

Unbelievable – despite driving over them, no one at church today, even a local councillor, had even seen the red paint on the local roads in and out of town !

9 – Cows are part of Environmental Sustainability

10 – More Vaxx Mandates coming ?

11 – DEWs built into “satellites”

12a – Native Hawaiians $328m Settlement! – N/GESARA is real


12b – Update from Q

13 – Sept 8th  what might happen   

14 – Another take down in Africa – thrown out the officials


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