2023/09/05th  – All coming together 

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1a – It’s all coming together 

Listen carefully to 1b

1b – Jan Halper-Hayes – the Trigger Event

2a – Angry backlash on The Voice anthem 

2b – The Voice was always a con  – Stephen Chavura  

2c – Ab-original Tribes fighting already – now how can that be true – they are peaceful and live in harmony – right ?

2d – Wrong in principle: the Voice Referendum

Remembering the 1967 Referendum – The Australian Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says after fighting to achieve equal status for all Australians, the government is now taking a step back by defining Australians on the basis of their race in terms of their “civic status.” 

2e – John Farnam’s hit song

3a – Qld govt  has already snuck thru a Treaty before the Referendum occurred

3b – Summer Camp Festival: ‘Pay the Rent’ fee



3c – Elders know they are being conned

4a – “De-banked” for having a different opinion


4b – Australia rejects Crypto Regulation Bill


5 – Trespass by Police – court win

“………Justice Wright explained that aggravated damages are a form of general damages warranted due to injury, which may be intangible. Although Sanchia’s injuries didn’t constitute this, as she was not present during the trespass, but she was due to such damages in relation to her kids’ trauma.
In terms of exemplary damages, these do not constitute compensation, rather they’re an expression of the court’s disapproval of a wrongdoer’s actions. And Sanchia was warranted such damages, as while the officers believed they weren’t doing wrong, they should’ve known they were trespassing.

In having considered the outcomes of other trespass cases, his Honour, on 7 February this year, determined to award Sanchia $17,500 in compensation: $7,500 for the breach of her right, $5,000 for aggravated damages and $5,000 in relation to exemplary damages.
In calculating the interest over the interim period, the compensation amount rose to $18,334.69. And no order on costs was resulting, which left each party to cover their own…..”


6a – Current Update on Withdraw UN


6b – Israel to deport all blacks back to Africa


6c – Whistle blower – The Real Men In Black

He was murdered at home by a FBI alien hybrid


7a – DOCTORS making huge money… jabbing


7b – A timeline of Vitamin Medicine …to file


7c – Who is Behind 9/11 & Covid Depopulation Cons


8a – A 15 min China city  

8b – Neom – Seducing us into 15 min cities   

9a – Aluminium in the rain and you wonder why your garden won’t grow

9b – Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons 

10a – Mongrel cops smash the wrong car  

10b – Millennial Job Interview


11 – Musician/Producer Reacts to Yamandu Costa


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