2023/09/06th  – More scare tactics coming 

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1a – September will be a most interesting month…

with 11th in particular… 9/11… be ready for anything !

New LOCKDOWNS and MASK mandates are planned to scare us into submission again – A new “covid” only worse ??  Surely idiots won’t fall for it again ?  So many vids being sent to me, but I will not put up even one that will cause dummies to panic.

No doubt we’ll be well informed by pastors teaching practical application of Eph 5.11 – yeah right eh?   David didn’t just kill Goliath, he cut his head off to finish the job he was called to do.

UK people taking a stand – they will not comply – they must have good Pastors ?

There is nothing like the truth – First it was and still is the Voice. Truth we know eludes Federal Government.  Now Catherine King and Albo both support Qantas but won’t tell the truth about restricting airlines nor the shortage of pilots who refuse to be jabbed again.  Qatar does not put in money for the Voice

1b – Is this a threat ?


1c – We are through the ‘BS phase’ of Albanese


1d – WA turns to ‘hard No’ after heritage laws


2a – Extracting Truth

2b – Claimed High Court Win re-the referendum

Dr. Bay has not won a favourable Decision yesterday in the High Court of Australia regarding the wording of the current Australian Constitutional Referendum

Robsim0  https://phillipaltman.substack.com/p/clarification-of-claimed-high-court

3a – Douglas Macgregor: Deadly Strikes Happened Today


3b – Govts don’t care about Satanists – Satanists are Govt

3c – Targeted Individuals

4a – A journey to the Firmament – in honour of Our Father above the Firmament

4b – The Firmament exists but this was removed


4c – Enoch  Antarctica Ice Wall + Firmament 

4d – Antarctica Is Not What We’re Being Told

If the mainstream archaeologist wants to prove that Graham Hancock is wrong, just put your money where your mouth is and pay for further excavations to prove that he is wrong. So far Graham has been spot on with his works about Younger Dryas which led to prove his point about the discovery of civilisation around Göbekli Tepe roughly 12000 years ago and much more. He is definitely on to something by thinking out of the box.


4e – Hidden Lands beyond the Ice walls – Video 4a

Next a bunch of videos – content you will never hear from your local pulpit Take your time to go thru them

5aThe Mini Mini Times of Trouble / Understanding the Latter Rain – Dan Gabbert

5bThe Latter Rain


5cAn Abundance of Latter Rain


5dThe Gift of Prophecy in “the Time of the End”


5eWalter Veith – Prepare For The Latter Rain, Signs of Christ’s Soon Return

5f – The Loud Cry



6A most interesting site confirming much I have been advocating for years 


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