2023/09/07th  – Referendum fake news 

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Update Thurs. 7 Sept. 2023 – Biden Family Members Say Biden Died in 2019, Others Say in 2021, Both Say He Was Replaced By an Actor – Trump is a War Time President of the US – There are US Navy Ships Holding Military Tribunals Which are Sitting At Ports in Israel, Asia, Japan and the Mediterranean. – Iran Sued Obama for Founding ISIS & Won – We Are in a Countdown to an EBS Go Signal, Yet, everyone around you thinks you’re crazy if you try to talk about what’s really going on.

1 – Referendum fake news

Dr. Bay has NOT won a favourable Decision yesterday in the High Court of Australia regarding the wording of the current Australian Constitutional Referendum

Robsim0  https://phillipaltman.substack.com/p/clarification-of-claimed-high-court

2 – Fake President, Fake Stage, nothing is real

3 – BRICS Currency – $55 USD for 1 BRICS

4a – ‘When will politicians listen?’: Another green energy project ‘bites the dust’


4b – Wind Turbine graveyard found in Qld


4c – ABC forgets a documentary which absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry’


5 – Why Were Ear pods Invented?

6 – Jesus, Yeshua and the Church

7 – How The Illuminati has Suppressed NESARA


8 – Maui Fires – scrubbed Footage

This video is a grouping of mini clips that are quickly being scrubbed from the Internet. It answers some of the questions where are the school buses? Where are the children? What is actually happening in Maui? And is this a government cover-up!

9 – Incredible Transformation Changing Australia!

10 – PVC pipe into High speed water pump without electricity


11 – DUMBs – Phil Schnider a short intro

Currently White Hats are rescuing children and destroying many DUMBS across the World

See more here including Australia



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