2023/09/08th  – Earth Guardians Australia + NZ

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1 – Earth Guardians Australia and NZ – Wyatt

This is his opinion – Pay attention – September has begunPray and hope his is right

2a – Ab-Original  $100 million  Land claims

They are expecting a Yes win (by fair means or foul) and then a Treaty whereby they own everything – How can you have a treaty with someone who has been dead 200 Years ? Where is their Treaty with the previous inhabitants (the Negritos) who were cannibalised ? – plenty of history about thatItems 2 + 3 ↓ ↓


2b – Message to those who think they are Christians 

3 – Steve Pieczenik – The same is happening in Australia, NZ, Canada, RSA & the UK

4 – Govt Launching New Assault on your Children 

Were you unlucky enough to have raised a white boy-child? If so, shame on you! They are all toxically masculine and monstrous. A compilation of some of the top stories in the world of vaccination and health freedom


5 – Los Angeles Times front page from 1934. “Lizard people’s catacombs hunted”

6a – Electro Gardening for Beginners

Scroll down the link below 6b for Q + A + how-to videos

6b – What happens when you eat properly


7 – The New Q phone ? perhaps

8 – Electric Sidewalks and Lightning Rods from 1700s

9 – EV Rental Cars – No one in their right mind wants one


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