2023/09/10th  – If you don’t know,  vote NO

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1 – If you don’t know – vote NO

AND A BIG FAT “if” IT DOES ACTUALLY HAPPEN (see items below) There are just too many unknowns regarding this whole voice scam that are being intentionally ignored or withheld. There are no checks and balances or any safety nets or recourse in the Constitution regarding this so called Voice to parliament. It is just a limitless authority and a blank canvas for the Government and the Voice corporation to do whatever they want regardless of whomever or whatever they hurt. The Voice to parliament is NOT about helping the aborigines etc. It is going to hurt the aborigines even more by actually taking their voice away and giving it to a few elites who will then be able to do shady deals with big mining companies and developers behind closed doors at the expense of aboriginal communities and sacred sites etc. 

Why else do you think the big corporates and mining companies are supporting the Voice? It’s because they have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. They won’t have to spend years in the courts and millions of dollars fighting for mining rights etc. They will just be able to do private deals with the Voice corporation behind closed doors.
The aborigines will actually be much worse off,  and the rest of us will also be much worse off because the voice will become the new dictator over the government and the people of this nation, and it will lead us all towards further oppression and restrictions.  

2a – Psyop or warning re- 23 Sept 2023 ?

2b – Enemy Inside the Gate – Ken O’Keefe’s Warning to Patriots

2c – This was actually aired on Fox News

3a – Message from Trump re-Davos

3b – Message from Joe Rogan

4a – Yes’ campaign’s behaviour pushing people to Vote ‘No’ for Voice referendum


4b – Indigenous groups becoming increasingly angry ‘fake Aboriginals’ are taking jobs, grants


4c – ‘Whole thing is a farce’: Dark Emu Exposed investigating Labor MP’s Indigenous heritage


4d – The Uluru Statements – 26 Pages


4e – Bullying people to vote ‘Yes’

5a – Is Klaus Schwab a Puppet Master ?

5b – Why did Elon Musk buy Twitter ?

5c – Is India changing its name to Bharat? G20 invite controversy explained

Very interesting if it is an example of a Country saying it is Sovereign and will choose its own name going forward. I did not know the name “India” was an English thing… and Bharat is Hindi for their own country? Very interesting.


5d – G20 Announces Plan For Digital Currencies & Digital ID’s -ie = THEIR plan.

6a – White House announces Return to Covid Tyranny

6b – We are not going to follow covid mandates – Governor of South Carolina

6c – These groups were exempt from covid shots in 2020

6d – Mannequins being used to portray people dying of Covid in hospitals again – More fear tactics ?

7a – Biden commits to increase the number and intensity of the extreme weather events

A false flag (by whom?) – cannot see if it is Biden (who is supposed to be dead) – look closely, he doesn’t appear to be talking into the microphone and why would he say this to a small group only

7b – Warning – Walmart fake meat

Like him or not – he gets it right every time 

8a – Wind Farm, Texas-Ingelwood, Qld

A Friend living in said region tells me tonight that they are installing what will be the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere. A large proportion of the properties within the region have been bought up & developed by elite persons, whom incidentally have secured huge govt grants to fence& refence the properties. The land holders are to receive $30,000 for each wind turbine installed on the affected properties.  Pls note, that is $30k for each turbine installed, & $30k each turbine each year they remain in service

8b – What about Electric Car Batteries? 


8c – More BS from NASA – lower left

9a – “Food shortages are coming.”

Imagine the panic of seeing empty grocery store shelves, not for a few days, but for several weeks or even months. The loss will be beyond what you can imagine. As a result of this crisis, survival food is more important than ever. If you don’t take action or if you stockpile the wrong foods, you could be setting your family up to go hungry in a time of crisis. It sounds harsh, but the truth is too many people with good intentions are making critical mistakes with their survival food.

10 – Med-Beds + New Technology


11 – Occult Secrets of Revelation 

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament has the title, the “Apocalypse of John.” The word “apocalypse” has come to be used popularly as a synonym for “catastrophe”, but the word really means “Revelation” – i.e. ‘That which is uncovered (or revealed)’. It comes from the Greek word which literally means to pull the lid off something. Why did Albert Pike refer to Saint John the Baptist as the favourite apostle? What is the esoteric significance of the Book of Revelation?


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