2023/09/12th  – The Voice is Dead – headed to a massive defeat.  

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1a – The Voice is Dead – headed to a massive defeat. How to limit the damage

1b – The Voice song

Australians are disgusted that this song is being used to promote a “WEF”, (World Economic Forum”) agenda, the Corrupt Voice referendum being held here next month. Such a tarnish on such a fantastic song. Hope you can Contact John Farnam and revoke his use of the song for this corrupt EVIL agenda. John Farnham doesn’t own the song “You’re The Voice”.  The song was written and is owned by Chris Thompson. His manager is based in Germany and his contact info is Email: management@christhompson-central.com     Phone: +49 7203 9219180 I’ve (Harry Hatzikalimnious) just phoned the manager and asked him if he was aware of what’s happening here in Australia regarding his client’s song being used by our government to push for the YES campaign. He said he had no clue and he is very upset about it.  Send him an email and tell him what you think

1c – Australians warned not to be fooled by Yes advocates change of strategy


2a – Some of the Damage: Native title claims hit thousands of popular community sites


2b – Rod Culleton – big win on Ab-Original farm attacks

3a – Thomas Mayo claim they were invaded and badly treated

There were heaps of people who cared – Gave their whole life to doing something positive

3b Fake Aboriginal History & Culture


3c – Cost of Living under Hard Labor


4a – Many videos going around about the USA demise

All about doom and gloom, well USA as we know it began with a bunch of Europeans escaping Vatican and British tyranny. It rose to giving people the best lifestyle in History. When the people forsook God, the discipline came and the evidence is there now. But all prophesy is CONDITIONAL – “if”  my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

4b – Judge Rules NYC Teachers Who Refused COVID Vaccine Must Get Jobs Back With Back Pay


4c – Mexico paying for the wall… to keep out “refugees” wanting to go back

5 – How will a 5G broadcast kill you  

6a – The Pentagon – aired only once

6b – Building 7 remained standing

6c – George W Bush – knew about the explosives

6d – General Flynn is still on the team

*“Why Did Barack Obama Specifically Name General Michael Flynn To Not Be Trusted?”
*“They Began To Put Into Place In Order To Get Me Out Of That Job, It Was Unbelievable”
*“He Accepted Wealth, Power, And He Gave Up Control”
*“He Really Did Bad, He Really Hurt This Country”

7a – Double Rainbow Over New York City

Double rainbow spanning across the New York City skyline on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11


7b – The greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)

8 – Water Engine Will DESTROY The Entire Car Industry


9a – Wolverine Clearing Confusion

9b – Closing Remarks

 We have heard that we are supposed to RV countless time over the past years. As well that President Trump is coming back to lay down the hammer that crushes the DEEPSTATE on countless times. All have always been from the highest of high up sources but nothing ever happens So now the plan, EBS and RV on September 11 is when it’s going to happen? Where is all this information coming from as we can’t find any of it? So many of us want this so bad we can taste it. I would love to see all who have been involved in the crimes against humanity and so much be hung publicly. Fingers crossed that this is our month as so many are suffering.
Here is my response:

I believe that being awake is difficult. I have often thought the sleepers are better off than we are. Then I remember that when the EBS comes, the roles reverse and we will be rejoicing and celebrating while the sleepers will be going through some really difficult times. When I feel down because things don’t happen as we are told, I remember that we are in a war … the biggest, most important, most unusual war the world has ever experienced.
It is my belief that sometimes the White Hats deliberately feed us disinformation for the purpose of eliciting a certain response from the Black Hats. They know the Black Hats see everything we see. Do all the soldiers know what the Generals know in a war? No! We, the awake, are the soldiers in this very unusual war. We are not just observers. Perhaps that is why we are told time and time again to TRUST THE PLAN! That is what soldiers must do. Our friend who sent this e-mail to me asks “Where is all this information coming from as we can’t find any of it?” From what I observe, there are several people who seem to regularly receive ‘intel’ from someone in the know. It doesn’t mean it is all meant for us. As I said, some is meant for the Black Hats. All we can do is use our own intuition to sort out whether certain ‘intel’ from the sources we choose to follow is for us or not. We aren’t meant to know exactly who the source is. They can’t expose themselves.
I know it is frustrating for all of us. We are tired of this. We have lost family and friends over this. We have lost businesses, jobs, financial security and homes. We have people in real need of Med Beds trying to hang on. Our spendable monies have deteriorated while the price of just living has escalated. And we have had to endure countless disappointments as dates come and go without us seeing the changes we expected and hoped for.
I want to caution everyone, there is a lot of crazy stories on the exchange circulating right now. Some say you are on your own and have to find an exchange centre or bank yourself. No one knows this for certain. All I was told that the procedures will not come out until this happens. So, remain calm and do not get all out of sorts with what “news de jure” is going around . All I can really answer is TRUST THE PLAN. I believe 100% we have seen enough proof to know that the White Hats exist and there is a plan being worked through.
Thank you for the opportunity for us all to perhaps try to exercise a little more patience, a little less frustration, while hanging on to the hope and the knowledge our hope springs from a little longer. Hugs, on both sides, to you all.

End of Post

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