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1a – GOVERNMENT U.K. LIMITED incorporated/formed in 2005 – Dissolved yesterday 12/9/2023. Australia next??  

1b – Snowden security message to ALL smart devices users

1c – 13th Sept: Three Gorges Dam

2a – WHO Pandemic Treaty falls in Australia

WHO Pand€mic Treaty falls in Australia In a rare win vs. Big Pharma cr!m!nals, the World Health Organization has backed down on proposed amendments for compulsory va<<ination and lockdowns – Australian MP Malcom Roberts.

2b – Decisions… Whatever shall we do? It’s silly.

Some mob are hoping the Voice will lessen the impacts of climate change 

2c – The Yes vote is in trouble – Andrew Bolt nails it   

2d – The Voice: Five More Problems – John Anderson


3a – Albo ‘never’ should’ve put Voice referendum forward


3b – Jacinta Price has a powerful message for young people.  

3c – Jacinta Nampijinpa Price unleashes in Press Club Address


3d – Jacinta Price – ‘Unknown Voice entity’ attached to…


4a – Victoria passes treaty legislation unlawfully     

4b – Redlands Native Title claim – Qld 

5 – The ULURU Statement Explained (with bonus footage)

If you watch this, you will Know for sure there is NOTHING MODEST about the Voice To Parliament .  Is ALBO wanting to DESTROY  your future? We don’t normally associate a communist attack on our free and democratic way of life coming at us from our own Parliament. Or people who are Australian born, in my mind those who would plot the total destruction of Australia could not have possibly had the benefit of living in this great land, but they have.

Today I will put this on you in such a STRONG manner to resend this email out to EVERY address you have, why? Because if you will take the ten min and watch it. You should be absolutely incensed at what is being planed to be taken from the very future you thought your family had.  Evil, Greed, Power hungry, Destructive, Divisive, Racist against all non-Aboriginal people, this is typical Left Agenda.


6a – Joe Biden has a big problem

6b – McCarthy Directs Launch of Biden Impeachment Inquiry…

McCarthy Directs Launch of Biden Impeachment Inquiry… Impeach Biden?   Why did Democrats impeach Trump 2 times knowing full well that they did not have the votes to remove Trump from office?  So why Biden? 

6c – Trump always gave us hints

6d – Europe De-Stabilization Project

7a – C19 Vaccine – what are “Their” plans

THEY killed him, poison and cancer., he said it on his lasts vids…Can u send this to anyone who has had the shot…A huge NO…so bad and sad.


7b – Petitions don’t Work – Julian Assange

8a – Crimes Against Humanity ~ The Penalty Is Death


8b – US Military arrests Moderna Shot Creator

9a – Australian Vaxx Murder Victims

For every Australian sheeple MORON to see, even if it does not register into THEIR dumb brain…


9b – Just-Think-It Fluoride: Invisible Killer

Not all Aust Councils have Fluoride, best to not drink any Council water anyway – steam filtering is the best or get a tank and filter it too


10a – Experts say EV battery explosions remain rare as authorities extinguish two fires in one week


10b – WIFI turns into a camera and can see humans thru walls.

10c – And you still want smartass WIFI in your car and home ?

And when will ye actually heed the Warnings of Dr Cowan on – Categories – Heath – Item 44 ?


10d – The Android Robotics Conference in China served up some scary stuff in 2023 – they look real..  just to know

11a – CCP Satellites Over Maui Fires

11b – White Hats shoot down FEMA plane leaving Hawaii

11c – Bold Move by Trump Might Derail Judge’s Strategy


12a – Sept 12 News with Mark Z


12b – Wolverine 13 Sept

Hi guys

Let me say something. I’m not here to create hopium or create false hopes. I go on what was given to me and not by a member but from a high up source and an official from the redemption centre in Brazil. I do get emotional as I need this just like everyone else and I get caught up with the emotions. I have always been an emotional person and try to pass that excitement on to you guys so you can all lift up your vibrations. Imagined if this channel was like other channels where gurus only appeared once in a blue moon and some say I have a CC tomorrow and never hear from him. I’m in T1 and 4A and 4B and T1 is now liquid and tomorrow payments will start to its leaders and next week payments will be going downstream onto its members. Mauricio Castaño who has the biggest platform in the RV and it’s a humanitarian platform and is also a T1, he is ready to go and I’ll know when he will start to open up the flood gates on that platform. I’m hoping to receive good news today and praying to almighty God that I’ll be able to release that opera for you guys. God bless you all Wolverine

13a – 6 million jews in Newspapers 

The military work on the Julian calendar, I’m a firm believer in time travel so believe 9/11was known about and had to happen and things would of been much worse if this event didn’t happen unfortunately so the white hats knew what was going to happen and how NESARA would be stopped so it was done on the real 9/11 which is the 23rd. 

That may sound very crazy but it fits see Item 3


13b – Lucifer’s Children

14 – TV antenna – does this work ?

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