2023/09/18th  – Coming ready or not

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Luke 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. In Jesus name I pray

1a – Pfizer’s latest plans

1b – Pfizer’s next jab Biologically Changes the idiots who take it

1c – Drones detecting the Convid

And how does the Drone recognise you ?? cos you continually give them a pic of your face every time you look at your smartass phone   

2a – Derek Johnson, Sept 11, 2023

Just another tiny sliver how Joe ain’t doin’ anything. Current Bipartisan Legislation proves so. Donald J Trump is the current Commander In Chief. Be sure to see item 14

2b – Qurrent Events 15 Sept 2Q23 

3a – Did you know Australia has been run by a CABAL since 1788. Australia NWO and DUMBs


3b – Definite causal link between all-cause mortality and Covid vaccine rollouts

4a – Counting boats coming down the river through the Darien Gap – 17 Sept

4b – We are ALL victims of lies, manipulation, theft and deceit..

It seems there might be some truth to a genocide of aboriginal tribes in Australia… but it wasn’t the whites who did that killing. The invading mobs of ancient past killed off the real First Australians, the one metre tall pygmy Negritos and all recorded by multiple independent sources.

5a – Recent ADF training in Western Suburbs Sydney 

5b – Australia – Homeless C-19 concentration Camps ready   

6a – Walking Zombies to start Oct 2023 – 5G activated  

6b – Dr. Roger Hodkinson – 20 Million Dead from the Jab – 2.2 Billion Injuries

7a – Tucker Carlson: “I am risking Everything to Share this”


7b – Tucker – Glen Beck got it right again – agree or not

8a – John Wilson delivers a strong message to Gold Coast City Council and Qld Labor   17 Sept. 

Things we all know (perhaps)  but people continually support the evil agenda, every time they look at their smartass phones and update their facial recognition to speed up the removal of cash.


8b – Council Refusal to meet Geelong Ratepayer reps

8c – List of Companies based in Australia promoting YES  

… foreign owned promoting the YES campaign and pouring millions into it. • ANZ (Major shareholders are Black Rock and Vanguard Group) • BHP (73% owned by American investors) • Coles (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • Commonwealth Bank (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • National Australia Bank (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • Newcrest Mining (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group and BlackRock) • Rio Tinto (Top shareholder group = BlackRock and China) • Telstra (Top shareholder group = BlackRock) • Transurban (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • Wesfarmers (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group and BlackRock) • Westpac (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • Woodside Energy (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group and BlackRock) • Woolworths (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group and BlackRock) • Atlassian (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group) • Qantas (Top shareholder group = Vanguard Group)

9a – Dutton is running a YES campaign disguised as NO


9b – 40,000 Abo Land Claims NSW – With a yes vote, what could possibly go wrong  

9c – ‘Uluru Statement is about treaty’: Voice advocate Pat Anderson says ‘quiet bit out loud’


10a – Elites don’t want to expose the ‘dark underbelly’ of Aboriginal land councils


10b – FDA removing medications

11a – Climate Change Hoax – Alan Jones

11b – Bladerunners have destroyed over 1000 ULEZ cameras in London – people are fighting back – join them with actions, not begging with petitions

11c – Will you give her 5 minutes to listen to her story?


12a – Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, 17/09/2023

Like I told you that everything needs to be done before the end of September. Whales are being paid!!!  They are the tier right before us!  The admiral gave the green light in Reno! That’s why all the millionaires are being announced over the weekend on the US debt clock! It is recommended to download SIGNAL because it is the only means of communication that we will have during MARTIAL LAW & THE GREAT EVENT.


Joe Rogan just admitted that before Trump got into office that the concept of a deep state, CIA/FBI corruption was not even a big concern in the minds of the people. Trump exposed it all and made people acutely aware of what was really happening behind the scenes. You now have millions of people with a clear understanding of the military industrial complex and the deep state that had relatively no concept of this before Trump.

It’s almost like everything that happens only furthers the awakening. An inevitability.  An anon once said: Only when the darkness is brought into the light can it truly be dealt with. And that’s exactly what’s been happening this whole time. So when you feel yourself getting discouraged, recognize just how far we’ve come. The process made is nothing short of mind blowing. This should give you solace knowing that their illusions are breaking. And with that, real change becomes possible.

13 – More snippets about Tartaria

14 – Good will prevail faster than you know

The Greatest Show on Earth – Brilliant film from Derek Johnson – 80 mins
LINK:  https://www.goodlion.tv/

15 – Watch This if You’re Really Looking For The “Rapture”

Great, but he missed Matt 24.14 when Yeshua tells us when – It is not Pre-Trib. Every eye will see Him” is not secret


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