2023/09/19th  – Disturbing News – Pay attention

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A tip to prevent teenage car thieves – they wouldn’t have a clue about how to drive a manual vehicle.

1a – Aust ADL Training now

1b – Oct 4th to 11th Warning

1c – What does the next Jab bring ?

2 – Californiacation

3a – Albo-slees-bucket is about to introduce a law on miss-disinformation here in Aus

Well he needs to read this article in California where the law on the same issue is to be repealed WHY because it’s not constitutional. 

Mary Holland said: “The California legislature likely saw the writing on the wall — that their statute would be found unconstitutional — so they attempted to quietly scuttle it. This is an example of how legal wins can lead to legislative wins, and this is definitely a win when doctors can practice medicine freely.”

If this Al – BOZZO thinks I’m putting up with his BS here in Aus. He needs to think again – i won’t stop until he and all others of the same are 10ft underground. And please put me on the list of No 1 lever control of open trapdoors, happy to assist.


3b – Voice – A compilation of short clips

3c – ‘Unknown Voice entity’ attached to constitutional recognition: Jacinta Price


4a – Is your Council a yes or no supporter

Earlier today, this message from a local near me

Good Morning Larry – Just saw a council vehicle, driven what appeared to be a full blood ab-original. The council employee alighted from his vehicle in front of a neighbouring property of which the owners have just completed installing a post & rail fence. The employee filled out some paperwork, then proceeded to drive off….here they come to our small regional community.

I replied can you follow up with the neighbour ?

Have done …neighbour is awake to Gov_ jab etc,…he went to confront council employee, but worker left quickly – he expects some mail from council in the coming days. ..home owner (neighbour) is ex public servant, crime section of heavy transport 30 yrs…all his colleagues would not have the Vax in 2017,so they were all stood down. They continue to try to get compensation, LSL etc, but Gov C-19 has put a stall on them. He says he complied a month ago for the permission to dig!! All was ok-ed then. Will watch what happens if anything.

4b – The Facts about your Land

5 – UK police weren’t ready for this

6 – Trump Left a DC Swamp Bomb – Biden Races to Stop Detonation


7a – Is your new car spying on you?


7b – Toyota CEO: This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry


8 – Will you paint your house roof blue ?

9 – QFS is now active – CBDC is disconnected  – Internet will go down

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