2023/09/23rd  – The Greatest Wealth Transfer is now underway

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1a – The Greatest Wealth Transfer now underway


I have seen a few like this before. Hopefully this is the real thing. It may well be done in less than a week ?

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a) Short explanation

b) Full explanation

1b – Military EBS Activated

See the remarks on the link and believe what ye will


1c – 11 Nations led by Russia say NO to WHO plandemic Treaty

It seems this was broadcast in May 2023 and repeated yesterday

1d – Please enlighten me how the whole world is not in Operation?

What’s Ukraine doing in Canada?  The distraction was the “UN General Assembly” yet the Ukraine Aircraft wasn’t even there… it went to Joint Base Andrews. It was also reported that a “Zelenski” was seen in the very small audience while he was giving his speech ?? Now remember earlier this week, the Russian Aircraft near Stockholm, Sweden, when earlier that day, U.S. Refueler was near same region, then later that day, U.S., German, and Polish Military Aircraft in same region, ALL over Nord Stream Pipeline?  Then China was in Singapore. Australia in U.S. all day today, and Italy, which all those have been in U.S. daily and weekly since 50 U.S. Code §1550 put in place and Executive Order 13912, 10 U.S. Code §12302, and EO 14102.  Please enlighten me how the world is not in a Global Operation? 

Sorry – No sound

2a – 5G Activated Zombie Apocalypse  

2b – Multiple Remote Viewers warnings

3a – Smart Meters fires

3b – It is so Important that the Govt said so….

4 – Mercury + Aluminium

Here is the reaction when you mix mercury with aluminium. Most people don’t know that all vaccines contain it! old dental “fillings”, too!  (Called: “methylmercury” in vaccines) 

5 – Coward Aussie Politicians won’t like this


6 – Great article from News Corps Courier Mail

Very Honest Words, thank you News Corp.  This appears serious fraud ‘Gain by deception’, the Federal Police and The National Anti-Corruption Commission need to lodge an immediate injunction to halt the referendum as it appears fraud based. Fraudulent grounds for a referendum have no legal standing.

7a – Secrets of Australia in the 16th Century + Fake Aboriginal History & Culture Revealed

Items 1 + 2 on


7b – Voice is a ‘soft entry point’ to ‘arm up’ Aboriginal activists


7c – ‘Stolen Lands’ – ain’t necessarily so.

Property Law  John Bui  18 January 23

The majority of Aboriginals left their traditional lands of their own free will and never returned. And while it is true that much of their land eventually fell into colonists’ hands, it is also true that many walked off their lands once they discovered our goods and lifestyle. Marcia Langton loves anthropologist W E Stanner because he was a Lefty and she selectively quotes him in her latest book, ‘The Way of the Ancestors’. Not sure she quotes the following from him though.

“Eventually, for every Aboriginal, who, so to speak, had Europeans thrust upon him, at least one other had sought them out. More would have gone to European centres sooner had it not been that their way was often barred by hostile Aborigines. As late as the early 1930’s I was able to see for myself the battles between the encroaching myalls and weakening, now sedentary groups who had monopolised European sources of supply and work.” He goes on to say, “Nowhere, as far as I am aware, does one encounter Aborigines who want to return to the bush, even if their new circumstances are very miserable.” ‘Continuity and Change among the Aborigines

The Dreaming and Other Essays’. 1958.

Once they left their lands other Aboriginals would eventually move in and take over them. White people did too and built cattle and sheep stations and grew crops which fed thousands of people, Aboriginals also. There is even a law which allows people to move in and claim someone else’s land if they have not reclaimed it within a period of 12 years.

‘Adverse Possession Laws

Did you know that if squatters are able to live in an abandoned property long enough, they may legally claim it? This type of possession is referred to as adverse possession. In NSW, a person seeking adverse possession must first have 12 years of exclusive use of the property in order to make such a claim for adverse possession. There may be reasons for the restriction period to be extended in some unusual situations. However, most squatters don’t occupy a property with the intent of taking possession of the same property later. They only squat on land owned by other people because they may have no other place to live. According to adverse possession laws, a landowner has a responsibility to use, protect, and maintain their property. The law considers the original owner to have lost their right to maintain the land if it is abandoned for a protracted length of time. Squatters rights laws vary from state to state but here are the common criteria in Australia for adverse possession: The claimant must have been in actual, unrestricted, and continuous physical control of the land for a period of 12 years The property was open and unguarded, leading one to believe the claimant was the rightful owner Claimants had factual possession on the land or property without force or violence Claimants possessed the land or property with no easements or caveats The claimant made it clear that they wanted to own the property’ Squatters Rights Australia

7d – A letter sent to Stan ‘Tan’ Grant and to the Managing Director of the ABC. Penned by a former Sri Lankan, now a proud Australian.

Dear Mr. Grant, cc David Anderson, ABC Managing Director

It is a low act to play the racist card instead of having the courage to take on board criticism. But that is what you have done with respect to your comments on the coronation. You are good at dishing it out but cannot take it. I am an Asian who couldn’t be bothered with viewing the coronation. But when I read about the sentiments you expressed I felt that you lacked intellectual depth. I am not a racist for thinking lowly of you. The people who criticised you are the tax-payers who are responsible for your salary. It seems like we are not getting our money’s worth from narrow minded people like you. And we have every right to complain. Your ancestry has nothing to do with it. You must remember that ABC is a public broadcaster not a private concern. As such its staff has to represent all Australians, not just the woke element which dabbles in identity politics. I’d like to make the following points for your benefit.


You are white man with aboriginal ancestry. You are more white than black and have encountered no barriers to success. Your mother is/was white and your father is/was of mixed ancestry (although probably more Aboriginal than you are). You are the product of racial mixing over several generations which makes you white as much as black. This is what you have cunningly downplayed in your family history. While early miscegenation in Australia was the result of a power balance with white men taking advantage of Aboriginal women, over the past five generations or more, interracial relationships have been consensual with white women as likely to take Aboriginal men as partners as much as Aboriginal women take white men as partners. So what we are seeing is voluntary race mixing rather than genocide, with Aborigines developing closer genetic links with whites. With the merging of ethnicities, Aborigines have developed cultural similarities with whites. This is probably one reason why Aborigines are so anti-Asian. So please end this farce and stop parading as a blackfella. Stop this “I am a proud Wiradjuri man” nonsense. It is simply fashionable ethnicity with no practical life-style implications. You have had a white education, live a white life-style and receive a handsome white salary. None of this would have been possible without white colonisation. If Aborigines (pure, mixed and almost white) genuinely want to shed their whiteness and their British heritage they should give up boxing, rugby league, cricket, country music, the English language, employment in the public service and media, to name a few interests and occupations. In fact you are a living embodiment of Australia’s British heritage which you revile. You thrive on the fruits of colonisation while condemning it. I don’t suppose you would like to revert to a hunter-gatherer existence as a means of identifying with whatever aboriginality you embody? If you really think that the British monarchy is indirectly responsible for the person you are, thank the monarchy not criticise it. But the monarchy isn’t responsible for what occurred in Australia.


The bill of rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701 turned Britain into a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is a de facto republic. Britain may have created an empire in the name of its monarchs, but that doesn’t mean that the monarchy created and enacted the policies that affected indigenous people. This was the work of the British parliament and the colonial authorities. As part of its British inheritance Australia inherited a de facto republic. The only thing that will change if Australia becomes a de jure republic is that the head of state will be Australian. It is a symbolic change. Australia will not automatically revert to what it was like in 1788 on becoming a republic, a move I am supportive of. The point I want to make is that if the British monarchy didn’t rule Britain how could it have ruled Australia? The fact is that the harm inflicted on Aborigines was the work of settlers including your white ancestors from your mother’s side, and probably the ancestors of your part-Aboriginal and white partners. Yet, you carry on as if all the bad things done to Aborigines was the work of the British monarchy. Why should us tax-payers subsidise your ignorance and irrationality?


If you really want to attack racism I suggest that you focus on Aboriginal racism towards Asians. And take a look at yourself and measure the extent to which you and your fellow Aborigines unconsciously embrace whiteness. It would appear that you blokes, for all your rhetoric are more comfortable with a white Australia as against a brown Australia.


You talk a lot about truth telling but approach the truth selectively. I suggest that you take a cue from me and cut through to the bone. Remove your ideological blinkers and stop cultivating victimhood. Start by having a good look at yourself. Get in touch with your white roots. They are no less important, and probably more, than your Aboriginal ancestry. Yours with absolute contempt,

 Eardley Lieversz (a former Sri Lankan, now a proud Australian)

8a – Car runs on Water  

Iranian scientist, Alaeddin Qassemi invents a car that runs on water. A 60 litre tank that can run up to 900km in 10 hours. The power is generated after H2O is split into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which reacts chemically to produce energy. The car’s engine produces water vapour and is harmless to the environment. Apparently, this invention has been internationally registered How long until this man ‘disappears’? Did you know that multiple people have invented this before and disappeared? For example, have you ever heard about, Stanley Meyer?

8b – Somethings nice about animals

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