2023/09/24th  –  The deadly serious Race is on

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We can expect to see a lot of serious stuff daily – We have seen the threats of Lockdowns for every reason – climate change – a much worse plandemic is hovering ready to be released any day – the fake EBS on Oct 4th or 11th which will activate 5G and decimate millions who have been vaxxed and/or have metal in their body. Recommend you turn off phones and computers during that time

We hear rumours with all the activity around DC, Military, police, motorcades, Blackhawks landing on the Front Lawn at the White House, that Article 2, Section 4 has been enacted. Waiting to confirm.


Bruce said Ratheon boxes had been fitted to all cell towers so they would emit signals at 432 Hz and or 528 Hz which would be beneficial to Humans, animals and vegetation, apparently bringing it into line with the music. see Item 8.

and we hear that Q we continue doing arrests of Pedos and corrupt politicians while a Military Lockdown occurs for a week or 2.

None of my friends are prophets but we do believe that good will Triumph. The following articles are the opinions of the producers – true or not.

1a – Warning of a New Unknown Virus that could kill 50 million

NEW ??? UNKNOWN ??? more scare tactics

1b – Emergency Alert US Nuclear Forces on Alert Aircraft launching

This is a live broadcast on Rumble and Youtubewait to load



1c – The Federal Reserve dollar is losing


1d – End of the UD $$ – BRICS takeover ??


2a – Big banks + billion dollar corporations fund the Voice – WHY ?

2b – The phone call behind The Nurse podcast that exposed paedophile James Geoffrey Griffin


2c – Biden + Child Trafficking

2d – Sex Traffickers dealt with

3 – Chris Bowen – when a kid ends your career live on Q + A

4a – Mutant Babies born from vaxxed parents

4b – A strong Young man reveals his his research

4c – You have been changed into a GMO human

5 – Thirteen Biggest lies from Scientists

6 – Too much caffeine ?

7a – United Nations, WHO + WEF

It seems to me the “vicious snake” Trump speaks of, will prove to be these millions of ‘illegals’ being brought in to this country by the Treasonous Ones. The caravans are a good source of children too

At the end Trump speaks Trump cannot be AC, he is too old – Biblically, AntiChrist will come out of nowhere and will appear to be 33 yrs old


7b – Say Hello to Nesara Gesara – many are alert

8 – 528Hz for healing

History Channel Confirms what we knew – free energy

9 – The Amazing & True Story Of Trump’s Bible & Hebrides Revival. –  An EPIC Adventure You WON’T Forget


10a – The Ice Wall 1927

10b – The NASA fake Challenger disaster

The NASA fake Challenger disaster  – I guess the Dome keeps stopping them going into fake outer space

11 – Hidden Weapons of the Old World Knights

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