2023/09/27th  –  Surely Labor wouldn’t rig the vote again, would they ? -3b

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1a – Danny Boy Victoria’s Prayer

1b – You survived Dan Andrews Victoria

1c – A real ab-original says NO

1d – Well Said, Lady – vote NO

1e – Tony Mundine speaks

2a – Andrew Bolt slams ‘white bullies’ telling Jacinta to ‘go to hell


2b – ‘Settling petty scores’: Andrew Bolt slams Noel Pearson’s ‘nonsensical’ Voice speech


2b – Why vote NO

3a – The fake news world is watching

3b – Home storage of ballot papers after referendum ? – same as last time the vote was rigged

3c – McGowan’s opposition to Palmer projects now clear

Clive Palmer said today it was now clear why Mark McGowan had fought so hard to oppose his Pilbara iron ore projects with the former WA Premier set to join BHP. “We now know the real reason why Mark McGowan was so determined to introduce legislation against my WA iron ore projects,” Mr Palmer said. “I have no doubt he was working for BHP and their agenda while he was in office, knowing that he would be landing a plum role with them once he left politics. “His reasons for stopping the development of iron ore projects that would be in competition to BHP are now obvious.

“It was a disgraceful misuse of power for personal gain and further highlights why he will go down as the worst Premier in WA’s history,” Mr Palmer said. “The people of Western Australia suffered years of neglect under Mark McGowan, and time will tell the true cost of the damage he has caused the state. With regards to the Pilbara, McGowan’s Government rushed through extraordinary legislation to protect itself from damages relating to the stalled Balmoral South project breached The State Agreement, Constitutional Law and the Rule of Law,” Mr Palmer said. “It was great shame that WA Premier Mark McGowan decided to declare war on me rather than engage in mediation, wasting an enormous amount of taxpayers’ money, but now we know his true colours,” Mr Palmer said.

4a – New Movie on the way – Covid 1923

4b – Simpsons predicting no internet for a while

4c – “Europe is under attack!” Illegal alien invasion just getting started


5a – End of the Federal Reserve   

5b – ‘Desperate and dangerous’: says Donald Trump – takes aim at ‘corrupt’ New York prosecutor


6a – How I hardwire my cell phone and why I disable Wi-Fi

6b – Baker Electric Car Charger from 1908

The huge device consisting of a glass rectifier and transformer act as a power supply to charge the original batteries.

7a – Mark Z – 27th Sept

7b – Message from Wyatt Earp – 27 Sept

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