2023/09/28th  –  The fall of the Covid tyrants.

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In an unexpected turn of events, it appears that all world leaders and governments have been compelled to endorse the GESARA law, under the watchful eye of the Hague International Tribunal. Prepare yourselves, as the next step involves the shift to GESARA. With Biden advocating for a “Transition to Greatness,” there is rampant speculation that, within 120 days, we might witness a ground breaking block chain election, albeit on a significantly reduced scale of only 10%. There are rumours that this transition could usher in global martial law.

1 – The fall of the Covid tyrants. 11 down – 1 to go.

They were not placed in their positions because they were skilful. They were put in place because of their enormous capacity to be dangerously cruel and carry out inhumane and deadly orders. Crystal clear if you have being paying attention.

2 – We are not accountable for the poverty of some ab-originals

We are not accountable in any way for the apparently sad situations of aboriginal people living in dire situations, poverty, lack of education or for their crime.  We have over generously paid billions for decades to their organizations who never get it to the communities in need — So where has it gone?

We need a Commission to find the answer and audit all of the 3,273 aboriginal organizations and the National Indigenous Australians Agency who employ 1,300 staff with 40 people who are paid in excess of $200,00 a year, to establish where every cent has gone without exceptions.

We currently provide aboriginals organizations with $39.4 billion from taxpayers money, they get $498 million in Mining Royalties a total of $39,998,000,000. And possibly more.

The recent census identified 813,000 people who claimed to be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, a fair guess could identify only about 60% having aboriginal DNA, making it a million-dollar saving to remove the other 40% as many hold good employment. That reduced 60% figure is 487,800 divide that into $39,998,000,000 = $81,997 per year per person.

If we take the full census figure of 813,000 and divide it into the money they receive it equals $49,198 per person every year — Where has the money gone and where is it going today, a Royal Commission will find out, away from lies, inuendo, rorts and political lies.

3a – The Voice – ♪ real ♪ words ♪

3b – The system they (USA) use(d) to steal elections –but they wouldn’t do it here eh ?

3c – Jacinta – Vote NO to the Voice of Division

3d – Yes campaign releases new ’emotional’ and ‘dishonest’ Voice advert 

4a – Kamahl says NO

4b – Senator Matt Canavan Grills ANZ Reps about $2 million donations

ANZ bank has donated close to or over $2 million dollars to the ‘Yes campaign to the Voice to Parliament.’  Everyone who banks with the ANZ – take your money out NOW

5a – Why Andrews Resigned

Recently MAHA’s (Make Australia Healthy Again) legal team used argument developed in MAHA’s defense against the Victorian Government Prosecution of Solihin Millin in relation to the false Victorian Covid Emergency, in a related Victorian criminal case, and has forced the legal disclosure by the Victorian Government of the Victorian Government’s reasons for calling the (false) Covid Emergency The Victorian Government has been covering up these reasons and has now been forced to disclose, which will prove the Covid Emergency was false We believe this will cause the collapse of the entire worldwide Covid Fraud And this is why Daniel Andrews has resigned

5b – Aust Covid enquiry won’t investigate Lockdowns mandates etc

6 – You couldn’t leave the kids alone

7a – ‘My second term is happening now..’

7b – any day now Australia

7c – Satanic Pedophile Marina Abramovic Becomes Head of Ukraine’s Adrenochrome Factories


8 – Education – how would you score?

9 – Is Pasadena, California ancient?

Apparently a 4000 people population of Pasadena was crazy efficient at designing and constructing elaborate Tartarian structures in 1-2 year time spans.

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