2023/09/29th  –  They must work within the rules

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Which is better… to be FREE… or to have FREEDOM given by a govt ?

1a – They must work within the rules

1b – Jim Caviezel  Inspiring message

1c – County bans Covid jabs

1d – Rainbow in Venezuela 

2a – She can’t believe Trump just told the world about these hidden health solutions Watch her face, where has she gone ?

3a – Voice referendum cheating the people


3b – Unprecedented electoral roll padding with 1.2 million postal vote applications is not a good look for the NO campaign

The AEC has announced that a record 97.7% of eligible Australians are enrolled to vote in the upcoming 2023 referendum making it the largest enrolment in history. The roll has increased by 447,447 people since the 2022 federal election, a rise of 2.6%. This in itself has all the hallmarks of massive fraud.


If the voice gets through we will have rule 303. Last time I was in the Northern Territory the local ab-originals were saying then, Bring it on, Those people are sick of the crap and want a clean up. The clean up should be of these Corporation Governments, and the white, fake Aboriginals – Richard Footley

3c – How should the church respond to ballot harvesting?

We see in our culture today, families are being swept away by the current of casual Christianity, a secular worldview, and a watered-down notion of what it is to stand for truth and Righteousness. I believe that the Lord is looking for a courageous generation of heroes of the faith who will in the words of Paul, “be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” and of course Eph 5.11 is not a suggestion. Ask your pastor his plans to fulfill . See 1a again.

4a – Code Words – It’s happening again – new plandemic coming ? I guess Albo will hold it until after the Voice ?

Keep an eye on people from governments and politics that are  positive tested now they all will be arrested and this time many people KABQQM.  Just a reminder.

4b – Dead on arrival’: The Voice referendum could result in ‘No’ for ‘every state’


5a – Drag Queen and Julia Gillard opening up the VOICE campaign in LONDON

She should NOT be allowed to do this….What did she say to sway the Aussies there.. For this reason ALONE it should not be permitted to even go ahead because of the bias situation. Disgusting old cow.


5b – Aussie Patriot Communist Flags 

5c – Abolish Australia Day  ??

5d – Referendum Vote Counting   

6a – Police State Movie  

6b – Karma when you spit on the flag 

6c – US Flag showing Distress Signal 

The Navy does NOT make these mistakes, and even if they do, they do NOT salute the flag in distress… flying upside down. This is ABSOLUTELY A SIGNAL. Get ready y’all

7a – Ukraine Surrendering by the thousands, NATO desperate to keep war going


7b – Blacks looting in Philadelphia – that’s their nature


7c – GO TO HELL is Christine Anderson message to government tyrants from the people of the world – September 2023.


8 – Bruce’s big call 28th   

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