2023/10/01st  –  Who wants Civil War in Australia  ? no surprise

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Listening to many opinions, I don’t believe the Black Hat EBS will occur on Oct 4 – they have too many problems right now

1 – Who wants Civil War in Australia  ? no surprise

2 – Listen to Harrari in 2018 – will you comply ?

3 – Hillary again – supposed to be dead ? actors galore eh

4a – UK Smart cities – they are really pushing it

4b – Declaration of Rights – UK

5 – Ukrainian forces surrendering by emergency frequency radio

6a – Trump averted civil war – Dr Halper Hayes

6b – Dan said, “happening now” and scanned to Finish Line.

7a – Good that younger people are thinking  

7b – In case you need a “Smoking Ceremony….


7c – ‘How dare you?’ Rowan Dean hits out at Noel Pearson over ‘offensive’ Voice speech


8a – PM backtracking ‘faster than you could believe’ over the Voice


8b – Albanese government will use the Voice as a ‘scapegoat’


9 – UN Converted   

10 – A great book for your 4 years old child

Pause and read as you need to be disgusted

11 – The Power of a girl’s Kiss – important

12 – Cannabis known cures from the past

13 – Sept 28, 2023  Warning from Jesus Christ to the Peoples of this Earth – listen well and believe as ye will


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