2023/10/02nd   –  Australian headlines this weekend

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From A friend in Melbourne – Met a cop here and spoke with him at breakfast he said they were going to arrest Dan Andrews over the red shirt deal but were given orders from above to back right off… we were ready to arrest him, all armed to the hilt and then got a call from the top… that was about one year ago and still he went on damaging people and businesses

1a – Australian headlines this weekend..

1b – Nigeria Cancels CBDC’s

2a – Bolt – The Voice does not have to listen

2b – Secret Communist Plot Behind ‘Voice To Parliament’ Exposed

a letter to Professor Marcia Langton in care of
Marcia,   With your communist background you will be well versed in the work of the CPA from the 1920’s onward to use the aboriginal peoples of our nation to make it a totally communist country. If you have not read “Red Over Black” and “The Evidence” by Geoff McDonald you should discover how your plans to take over Australia have been denied because the people of Australia will clearly say NO to the faux referendum, unless there is a plan to cheat the result.  Your THOMAS MAYO (real name MAYOR) is not a Torres Strait Islander as he claims, as his father is Filipino and his mother is a Polish Jew.  He is a communist interloper. 


3 – Albanese not ‘taking responsibility’ for collapse of Voice


4 – What happened $550 million – Noel Pearson

Activist Noel Pearson’s accumulated, vast government funding has achieved nothing for the strife-torn Aboriginal community of Aurukun Long-serving Liberal MHR Warren Entsch, himself a former grazier and Cape York Peninsula inhabitant tells it how it is today on the ‘Peninsula’ warts and all. Many Peninsula communities are equal to third world countries;


5 – A Kiwi’s warning on The Voice – How the NZ Voice has been failing Māori’s since 1975


6a – Never any Planes 9/11 

They never thought people who filmed the attacks on 9/11 w their JVC handy cam would never post it to social media “YEARS” later. There were never any planes

6b – Drones scanning for Convid    

7a – Biden License to Fall  

7b – Katie Hopkins has some stern words for the people who keep sabotaging London’s ULEZ cameras – some good tips

8 – Greenies have reached a new level of stupid, even the News Readers a laughing

9a – Truth about the Hollywood Elites South Park

9b – Donald Trump – children’s health matters

10 – Aboriginal Cannibalism & Infanticide was common


11 – Thousands of Christians fleeing Armenia


12 – Shutdown! 10 Days + Darkness Debts Cancelled, Days Short, Rev Chap12, …. 64 mins of good info to know

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