2023/10/03rd   –  Emergency Broadcast System Activation

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1a – Emergency Broadcast System Activation

True or not – be prepared anyway  Wed 4 + 5th Oct – USA time or whenever ? The Cabal is planning Attacks on our phones, TVs and WiFi Technology. I cannot know if this will be USA only in Australia also – so Do NOT Participate in the Emergency Broadcast System “Test”. Turn Off ALL Devices. Unplug ALL Computers. Disconnect ALL Information Technology From WiFi.

1b – US has its Oct 4th Drill – the Russians have their Oct 3 Drill – What happens on the 5th ?

Dave Hodges is well worth hearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1_7kLGz-4Y&t=1s

1c – A reminder that we ARE in a MOVIE

Everything seen is scripted with actors and CGI.  What the public is presented with has already happened and is being recreated to show them now!  Don’t get wrapped up in what you see and hear on TV….all is fake.  We were chosen to know the truth to help others when it is revealed to the normies!

2a – Zimbabwe’s gold tokens used as legal tender


2b – The Debt clock gets better and better


Our Republic can be easily seen in the new categories

The NEW categories say “USA” instead of “US” “US” is the Corporate US Government “USA” is our Republic

The NEW “USA TREASURY DOLLARS 2025” has a map of our Nation next to the header. Zoom in! Our Republic is outlined in Gold.

The US M2 MONEY SUPPLY NOW is decreasing rapidly. This category has a pyramid and Federal Reserve Dollars in the background so we know it’s the Illuminati and Foreign Elite. They’re losing their money

However, the NEW category of US M2 $ TO USA $ RATIO NOW is….…1 7 7 6

Hysterical 1776; Our Constitutional Republic. The Debt clock

DC White House sealed off. POW/MIA Flag raised. US_Military Continuity of Government continues to next phases. World War Operations.
Sudanese/African DS biolas now in play. Taiwan [SOON].
Trust your real President. Trust the Plan.

3a – Security at the Airport vs. Security at the border – quite different huh ?

3b – Soros Funding of “YES” Campaign

A secret agenda regarding foreign interference in the upcoming divisive voice referendum in Australia is revealed in an exclusive report by Rural Rebel Media. The report exposes billionaire George Soros’ funding of the “YES” campaign and highlights the implications of this meddling in Australia’s democratic process.

3c – Is Alan too brutal, or does this resonate ? 

3d – So why is this Not On The News?

3e – Thomas Mayo fed with his own words

4a – Copy, print and put these on the pews in your church

Right click + save as ……… on your Desktop

4b – Copy, print and put this everywhere also

5 – Total Proof of the Presence of Graphene in the Vaccines and Nano routers MAC addresses – who in their right mind has a Mac anyway ?


6 – Australian soprano Mirusia Louwerse  They should have used this

7a – Smile 01

7b – Smile 02

8 – How come we see the same stars every night ?

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