2023/10/05th – Voting Yes is a Criminal Offence

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Oxford Dictionary – indigenous    (adjective)

1 – (plants) originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

2 – (people) inhabiting born or existing in a land from the earliest times.

 3 – Latin indigenus (“native, born in a country”), from indi- (indu-), an old derivative of in (“in”), gen- the root of gignō (“give birth to”), and English -ous. 

Ab- away from; Ab-prefix. away from; off; outside of; opposite to: abnormal; abaxial; aboral. The word Ab-original means – not original. The prefix ab means not of.  The first peoples called Ab-original were the Italians who were called that by the Latiums. The Latiums claimed the Italians were not of original so they believed they could take the land.   

They’re going to give you a grey lead pencil to write your answer. It is recommended pushing down hard & going over your letters a couple of times – perhaps write over it too with a black felt pen – just in case it passes through the hands of a crazed Marxist with an eraser (which it probably will) Also, avoid defacing the ballot paper. Don’t draw or write anything on it, other than your answer in the box. If you scribble or write anything else, anywhere other than the box the vote can be discarded as informal, meaning it won’t be counted.

1 – Voting Yes is a Criminal Offence – and so is persuading someone to vote … by any means, conversation or letterboxing

right click + save + print these to confront the criminals

2 – My church, says Perth Lady – their SELL OUT – showing  Australia what they are… Is your church EXPOSING evil ??

3 – Lawrence Fox raided and 3 bladerunners arrested – UK

4a – Tucker Carlson: Something big must happen


4b – Why was McCarthy sacked ?


4c – Donald Trump on Serving as Speaker ??

4d – Trump for Speaker – would it work ?

4e – “The Judge Conceded That the Statute of Limitations Is In Effect”

Judge Arthur Engoron purportedly agrees that the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS have run out on transactions that were closed prior to 2014, they are now out of Trump’s NY fraud case

Short – https://twitter.com/chuckcallesto/status/1708947618724741626?s=46


4f – JUST IN: Trump Gets HUGE WIN In NYC Court

New Evidence Suggests FBI Orchestrated January 6th Operation!


5a – Albo accuses No Voters of UN, WEF “conspiracies.”   

Oh deary me,  some truth slipped out… he was actually quoting Kim Beasley from 1990 https://twitter.com/ausvstheagenda/status/1709098581016371436?t=3JU05H2AoQSDK8gDiV3Acg&s=19

5b – Jacinta Price says it all in 90 seconds 

5c – There was never any aboriginal sovereignty when Europeans arrived. Activists don’t want equality they want supremacy. 

5d- AEC sends threatening letters re wording on stickers 

6a – Australia is not a Commonwealth Country

Excellent explanation of massive corruption in Australia for 6 decades


6b – They Have Led Us Down The Wrong Path  

7a – A real mother understands

7b – Check your local council websites – look for sustainable development terminology

7c – Who sold us Out? – Liz Gunn – leader of the NZ Loyal Party gets stuck into previous PM Helen Clark

8 – ‘Cash is king’: Rowan Dean urging us to ‘use more cash’


9a – The Nestlé Baby Formula Scandal – Genocide for Profit


9b – Why is an EMF Meter Ticking Around Baby Formula?


9c – Candy With Worms? Say What ? 


10a – Satellites do NOT exist – believe it or not, Globullists

10b – Don’t believe all you see

11a – Vaccines for humans… Vaccines for animals  

11b – MAC Codes from Vaccinated, Intra-body nano networks

27 min in….those words said are cutting… this man is telling us. He states those illegals and refugees are replacements for us (they don’t want whites) Listen to him he makes so much sense We should all be angry… 2 or 3 shots and you’re dead. Death rate in the UK is up 44%. Aust tv news….. What to do if u have a heart attack… Turbo cancer through the roof.. These shots were never for covid… They were for tracking you … You have mac addresses. (even the dead at the cemetery)  Can not put this any nicer for those who have taken it to soften the blow…facts are facts.


12 – Q Anon: An important film on “Q”


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