2023/10/08th   –  The Threat of WW 3 and the “Israel” interlopers

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1a – The Threat of WW 3 and the “Israel” interlopers

A good reminder of John 8:44 and 37 and who they are, and Yahweh will destroy fake Israel for us!  This fake Israel is all set up for the Anti Christ to arrive in old Jerusalem and deceive the world. No mark of the beast for the elect!  we will not be deceived! True Israel = the USA + European Nations, ten lost tribes of the House of Israel!  WHERE Yahoshua will rule the world once the world is cleaned up of all the evil – starting now. > Both represent the USA from the royal tribe of Joseph! “Who will be sent by Yahweh , as His Son, to redeem His People in these Last Days”
True Israel = the USA, the tribe of Ephraim of old and the “Apple of Yahweh’s Eye”.  Note: GI Joe = Government Issued of Joseph 
Need more proof read John 8 for true Israel and fake Israel , the house of Judah who has been warring against the ten tribes , true Israel, the house of Joseph, ever since they came out of  Babylonian captivity with their Talmudic satanic religions called Judaism and then Christianity !

Read the truth for it will set you free from the false Jewish messiah who is the Anti Christ to return and deceive the masses into taking the mark of the beast thanks to the phony preachers of all religions! Wolves in sheep’s clothing!
How is their phony “Jesus” going to resurrect “filthy, dead, stinking and rotten bodies and skeletons out of graves and cemeteries and give them eternal life?”  What a fairy tale from the pulpits – Impossible to resurrect a sailor buried at sea whose body had been eaten by many fish, who in turn were eaten by other fish, which are now also dead and gone. This would be an impossibility”.
Read Secrets About The Messiah by Dr Joseph Jeffers to understand more of the lies of Christianity and the war between Yahweh and Satan today and who our true Biblical enemy is , the tares who live among us and plot our destruction thru wars, disease, lies and deception and financial slavery. The House of Judah.  

1b – Saving Israel For Last – as we were advised 

1c – Understanding the Hamas attack on Israel

Iran is aiming for a confrontation with Israel and the US.  The success of Russia in Ukraine is encouraging Iran to undo decades of hostile US foreign policy in the Middle East.  A bankrupt US Govt has just been invited to another war. The timing is opportunistic. The US Govt is forced to print trillions of USD as it struggles to raise new debt.  Another war would lead to a significant increase in inflation and an accelerated economic decline of the US. If Iran mines the Strait of Hormuz the global energy crisis would become critical. 

The Biden administration has used the majority of US oil reserves to stabilize domestic oil prices.  Iran can increase the pain for the US Govt significantly. Ukraine is turning into a major defeat for the US and NATO.  A new front in the Middle East would accelerate the US decline.  The US Govt and its western partners simply cannot afford it.  Russia and China would benefit most.  Iran understands this and is playing into the hands of its partners.

2a – The 10 dark days of Red October has begun.

Attack from different fronts – like in the Yom Kippur war but on a smaller scale, terrorists and not Arab armies.  to show that the powerful IDF “lost control” The powerful IDF with F16 cruise planes and submarines can’t defeat a number of terrorists? It’s all a show to Keep us at Home. Reveal the truth on TV. Remember.. all the Israeli wars, the attacks, the terrorists were on behalf of the Israeli governments.  Shocking huh?

This time the government under the white hats!!  everything is under control. It is true that there are dead and wounded, to create credibility for the show.It’s all part of a script: Remember how many times recently Knesset members and military personnel hinted to us that we are heading for war.. The goal: the terrorists fired missiles, a short blitzkrieg would begin And a soldier who is under the control of the White Hats will destroy the above ground infrastructure including the cabal buildings

Today 7.10.2023 =. 7 Sabbath = Creation intervenes and cleans for us. Also 10+7=17 = Q The hats don’t want you hanging around outside while cleaning up the mess, Leave them at home, don’t be afraid  The stinging exercise from the white hats.. present a false representation to the cabal left, as if they are in control and that attacks are made on their behalf. It makes the left happy to intimidate and destroy Simchat Torah and blame the government. It’s all a show, a trap.  The US IDF needs a reason to attack infrastructure and buildings on the ground.

2b – War has been declared – but nothing is what it seems


2c – ‘Most horrific thing I’ve ever seen’: Australian living in Israel describes surprise attack


3a – Palestinians Invaded Southern Israel – 100 Israeli Soldiers Were Captured or Killed – It’s A New WAR


3b – Iran’s Parliament Is Chanting, “Death to Israel! Death to America”

Throughout history, currency revaluations have happened during a war.   Why?

3cComments from The Weekend Australian Newspaper Sunday, October 8, 2023 


3d – These Countries Will Be Destroyed in WW3


4a – Trump’s Capitol Hill Trip Fuels Speaker Race Speculation


4b – Panic is setting in after Biden Gets Caught


4c – Breaking! President Trump Drops Huge MOAB. “The US Navy Just Revealed That They’ve Created Something Terrifying!”‌ ‌ ‌ 

Breaking! President Trump Drops Huge MOAB! “The US Navy Just Revealed That They’ve Created Something Terrifying!” MUST Video!

5a – Altering the Constitution would have ‘Indigenous people disadvantaged’


5b – ‘How dare you?’ Rowan Dean hits out at Noel Pearson over ‘offensive’ Voice speech


5c – Albo won’t legislate Voice if the referendum is unsuccessful – yeah right – who trusts him ?


5d – Support for the Indigenous voice to parliament and executive government has weakened further heading into the final week of the campaign, with just a third of voters now backing the proposed constitutional change amid a critical loss of support among younger voters.


6 – Thousands of New Zealand health service workers secretly exempted from Covid vaccine mandates


7 – Tartaria Free Energy – erased by CIA

8 – Yikes in flight – a brilliant pilot 

9 – One day at a Time – 93 year old

10 – Oxford Mathematician DESTROYS Atheism –15 Mins Brilliant


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