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Most are familiar with the Voice chatter – we can only watch and pray now, but it’s not to late too print and distribute the 12 Reasons sheet as in several recent posts

There are far too many items about the “War in Israel”” which I am sure most of you have seen. I note so many are produced by the Cabal with fake footage shown on the MSM. Remember that this is a bigtime SCARE event

Be sure to watch 6a + 6b + 6c – very well done

1 – If you have too many Covid vaccinations, – you are no longer able to get life insurance

2a – Voice – led by elites, run by radicals


2b – I just voted in my home town – left my Mark

A “No” vote made in pen, “no” to Aborigines coming under the Constitution – they already are Australians they can work, vote and get elected like anyone else.

Why?   1. Aborigines don’t wish to lose their sovereignty. . 2. Is divisive

3. Govt  agenda can move forwards under a UN directive to take property title from the population

I noticed 1. Only “Vote Yes” professional boards – showing organisational structure behind the “Yes” vote was on the Community Centre location. People should take a “Vote No” board with them that they can leave behind

2. Pencils to fill in the vote card so a “No” vote can easily be erased and a “Yes” substituted   People should take a pen with them

We all know the Government is pushing strongly for the yes vote because they have an agenda to take our property titles from us People voting yes really deserve what they get. No excuse for ignorance Cheers   Mark

3a – We know old Buildings generated electricity …

3b – The previous great reset – Orphan Fondlings

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4 – Let the murder of several 100 thousand children begin in Israelie

5 – ‘100% they’re not human,’ alien encounter in Las Vegas


6a –  WW 3 “SCARE” event simulator – very well done – Careful what you wish for


6b – There is a plan Part 1


6c – There is a plan Part 2


7 – Full Background on the State of Israel – the interloper

Though the term illuminati has been most closely associated with the 18th-century movement of republican free thought in Bavaria, the word has in fact been in use since the late 15th century to refer to various groups. One of the early illuminati groups was the Alumbrados (“Enlightened Ones”), whose movement began in Spain in the 16th century and had ideological roots in gnosticism. A very early leader was María de Santo Domingo, a prophet and mystic who claimed to converse directly with Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary and was tried under the auspices of the Inquisition. Many Alumbrados later fell victim to the Inquisition, and St. Ignatius of Loyola was charged with having sympathies with the Alumbrado movement. Another early group associated with the illuminati was the Rosicrucians, who came to public attention in the early 16th century but claimed to go back to 1422. Much of what is known about them comes from their earliest extant text, Fama Fraternitatis, first published in 1614, which describes the journey of their founder, Christian Rosencreutz.Illuminati—the plural of the Latin word illuminatus, meaning “enlightened”—is a name that has been in use since the late 15th century and has been applied to various groups since then. Members of these groups claim to be unusually enlightened, with the “light” attributed to a higher source or to an exalted condition of the human intelligence. The doctrines, practices, and rituals of illuminati groups are generally shrouded in secrecy: the Bavarian illuminati adopted a cipher for communicating with each other, while the Rosicrucian order claimed to be bound to secrecy for 100 years from their foundation. The doctrines of these groups had a number of different ideological influences, including Christian gnosticism and Egyptian Hermeticism; the Bavarian group wanted to create a religion of reason. They were generally met by censorship and resistance from the state. Many members of the Alumbrado movement in the early 16th century fell victim to the Inquisition, and the Bavarian group was eventually shut down by the government.

The Bavarian illuminati group was a movement of republican free thought and is probably the most prominent group associated with the name illuminati. It was founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, professor of canon law at Ingolstadt and former Jesuit. Weishaupt wanted to replace Christianity with a religion of reason, and the members of his society called themselves “Perfectibilists.” The society was carefully structured and divided into three main classes. Weishaupt’s recruitment efforts spread across the cities of Bavaria, and he also made connections with a number of Masonic lodges, where his group often managed to gain a prominent position. The movement over time acquired a rigorously complex constitution and internal communication system, conducted in a cipher. At its zenith, the Bavarian illuminati operated in a very large area, extending from Italy to Denmark and from Warsaw to Paris. The movement was ultimately banned, and Weishaupt was stripped of his professorship at Ingolstadt. No evidence of the Bavarian order appears in the historical record after 1785.

Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian illuminati targeted people of wealth and social importance when he was spreading his doctrine, and a number of notable figures are associated with the Bavarian movement. Literary giants Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried von Herder, as well as a number of dukes, were claimed as members of the Bavarian society, though how much they were actually involved is disputed. Weishaupt’s illuminati were also believed to have included astronomer Johann Bode, writer and bookseller Friedrich Nicolai, philosopher Friedrich Jacobi, and poet Friedrich Leopold, Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg. Additionally, the British philosopher Francis Bacon was connected to the earlier Rosicrucian order, while St. Ignatius of Loyola was associated with the Alumbrado movement.

The Illuminati & Freemasonry
Brown suggests the Illuminati was formed in the 1500s, in Rome, by an enlightened group of mathematicians, astronomers, and physicists to oppose the narrow- minded views of the Roman Church. Brown asserts that Galileo formed the first think tank and referred to this committee as the Enlightened Ones, the “Illuminati,” who led this noble group of intellects. The Roman Church ruthlessly hunted this elitist organization. After Galileo was placed under house arrest, the Roman Illuminati degraded into complete upheaval, fleeing Italy and vanishing into a deep, underground guise. This underground group later resurfaced among the Bavarian Stonemasons that included the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers. Freemasons subsequently adopted the Illuminati as a Bavarian Brotherhood. 5

The primary goal of the Illuminati is to bring about the New World Order. 6 The second goal is to utterly destroy Christianity via their own religion of mysticism, 7 likely through Gnostic infiltration of Christian churches. The Illuminati realizes Christianity must be reeled in before world government and the universal religion can take hold. More succinctly stated, the true purpose to the Illuminati is to destroy all religions that are not pantheistic, overthrow all national governments, and abolish all private poverty. 8 The Bavarian government concluded the Illuminati plotted to overthrow governments and abolish Christianity. Wilson wrote that the Illuminati guard closely one of their innermost secrets: their surreptitious schema to obliterate Christianity, for they pretend to have the sole true religion of Lucifer. 9 Even more concerning is that the Illuminati have purportedly adopted the philosophy of Machiavelli (1469–1527), who taught that “the end justifies the means.” Nazis implemented this philosophy— with horrific results. 10

The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry in 1782; 11 although some sources backdate this to 1777. 12 Weishaupt is touted as a Masonic reformer. This was a marriage made in spurious heaven, for the goal from Freemasonry’s inception was to bring about the New World Order. The Rex Deus- sponsored Freemasonry fraternity welcomed its spurious and mystic cousins of Luciferian devotion while savouring Weishaupt’s belief that the Illuminati were created to rule the world. 13

Brown writes that the Illuminati grew rapidly within the friendly confines of Freemasonry, evolving into a secret society within a secret society, and then eventually taking complete control of the organization. The Illuminati exploited Freemasonry’s worldwide network for their own New World Order agenda. They further utilized Freemasonry’s far- flung network to infiltrate all elitist organizations around the world, which included Masonry organizations of every kind, the major banks, and governments. 

Something Biblical is happening ??


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