2023/10/11th   –  Referendum is 100% Un-Lawful

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1a – Not One Aspect of Referendum is Lawful

Note comments below the video


1b – Latest polls, No vote leads in 129 fed seats

Look at this post on Facebook https://fb.watch/nzxboHX1G8/?mibextid=KQpadY Whether or not the pollsters are right or wrong, we still have another few days to go before the counting commences, more over if the pollsters are right, how do we put this Nation back together again or should we even try, most of the YES VOTES are coming out of the inner city areas, Green and WOKE along with the TEALS or ELITISTS are also from that area as well, Take note that inner city voters are more inclined to vote yes, but they are the least likely to understand the issues for Indigenous people. They appear insulated from realities of life and appear a bit stupid, they vote Green.

2 – Chemtrail whistle blower – truth bomb

3 – Robot Sophia – amazing but scary

4a – Dr Peter McCulloch – vaxx accelerates Cancer


4b – Children Dying suddenly in 2023 – just the 1st 9 months


4c – Compensation – Vax injury claims

4d – Murderous Medical Doctors: How Pediatricians Kill Babies with Multiple Vaccines in One Office Visit


5a – Coca Cola is named – purchasing of children from Ukraine

5b – Smart water from Coke – full of graphene


5c – Citric Acid from a box or bottle – Ingredient Synthetic mould

6a – Ukraine surrenders

6b – More fake videos on the Israel War

Notice… The LACK of air missiles in the original videos of Gaza. Notice…. The buildings were either imploded (like the Twin Towers)… or ground artillery was used. It appears they are at it again…. creating MSM propaganda.

Nothing to do with Gaza – Algerian football club celebration – note the fireworks

7a – REMINDER:  A ‘Jew’ is not a Hebrew.

The etymology of the word “Jew” is quite clear. Although “Jew” is a modern conception its roots lie in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. That is, the modern English word “Jew” is the 18th century contraction and corruption of the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition and derived from the Greek word “Ioudaios.”




See more   Items 12 – 13  https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/churches/

7b – Young Israelie male says – kill all Palestinians

This is typical of an interloping  “Jew” – the self proclaimed chosen people



8a – Channel 7 personality charged with child sexual abuse and torture gets suppression orders to override new QLD laws Kangaroo Court of Australia


8b – Demonic Doctrines in the Church – Spreading Like Wildfire.


9 – What do they know that we don’t ?

Why are the elites building bunkers now ?


10a – IBM Quantum System 1


10b – The Gold-backed Zimbabwe ZiG and Our RV/GCR

The global economic landscape is perpetually in a state of evolution.  Is the stage being set for a Global Financial Reset?



United States Supreme Court rejects challenge to block Trump from 2024 ballot. October 2: North Dakota state senator Doug Larsen, his wife and two kids killed in Utah plane crash. October 2: Massive human trafficking crackdown in Ohio takes 160 predators off the streets. October 3: New Florida law allowing the death penalty for adults who rape children under 12 goes in effect. October 3: Kevin McCarthy removed as Speaker of the House.

October 4: Kevin Spacey is rushed to hospital fearing ‘heart attack’ October 4: FEMA and the FCC conducted a nationwide emergency alert test on all cell phones, wireless devices radios and TV’s. October 4: Russia tests their national warning system on the same day FEMA tested America’s emergency alert system. October 4: Several school girls in Kenya hospitalized over mysterious illness. October 4: Former NYPD union boss and attorney Roy T. Richter was found dead by suicide at his Westchester home on his wife’s birthday after serving for 33 years. He had access to Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

October 5: Putin announces that he and his allies are “building a new world” October 5: U.S. warplane shoots down Turkish drone over Syria. October 5: SEC sues Elon Musk to force him to testify in agency’s probe of Twitter purchase. October 5: Iraq bans all cash withdrawals in US dollars. October 5: Donald Trump endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

October 7: Coordinated terrorist attacks take place against Israel. Israeli intelligence stands down. October 7: Israel declares a state of war. October 7: The world is hit by a triple earthquake as a 6.7 quake hit Papua New Guinea, Mexico endured a 6.3 shock and Afghanistan suffered strong tremors leading to thousands of deaths. October 7: Israeli National Security Council approves Ground Operations to begin in the Gaza Strip. Israel begins to bomb Gaza. October 8: Israel’s security cabinet voted to invoke Article 40 Aleph, an official declaration of war for the first time since Yom Kippur war (50 years ago).

October 8: US military plans to move US Navy ships and US military aircraft closer to Israel as a show of support.

October 9: Israeli minister ordered to immediately cut off water supply from Israel to Gaza. October 9: Kevin McCarthy labels Iran, Russia and China as the new axis of evil. October 9: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially drops out of the Democratic Primary and declares Independent candidacy for President. October 9: Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman states he will stand by Palestinians. October 9: US Senator Lindsey Graham suggests USA start bombing Iran. October 9: Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas announces plans to visit Russia and meet with Vladimir Putin. October 9: Joe Biden interviewed by special counsel Robert Hur as part of classified documents probe. October 9: The Times Of Israel reports that Egypt intelligence official said Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’ three days before the attack by Hamas. October 10: Blackouts in Gaza.

October 10: Russia suggests they may join the Israeli / Hamas war. October 10: Putin says Israel-Gaza conflict shows ‘failure’ of US Middle East policy. October 10: Pentagon does not rule out a “special operation” to rescue American citizens in Gaza. October 10: Israeli propaganda networks get caught spreading multiple fake stories about the war. October 10: Turkish President Erdogan accuses the United States of planning to carry out massacres in Gaza by sending aircraft carrier groups to Israel. October 10: US Congress introduces a “bipartisan bill” which would give $2 billion in aid to Israel. Still 21 days to go and then a November to remember.

11a – Bruce’s Big Call 10 Oct – probably and possibly again

If you hold foreign Currency sign in here https://bigcalluniverse.com/ and pray often

11b – Posted by Wolverine Forwarded from Q


The attack on Israel was wanted by mossad/cia/.mi6 so they could create new laws and arrest the military (white hats working with World Alliance operations)  and blame them for the attacks…. create new laws that would bring treason charges against their government.  Military and people that were working to Expose the Israeli MOSSAD KAZARIAN crime syndicate network connected to the Clintons. 

Obama Bush’s Rockefellers CIA.,,<<<< At the same time White HATS inside of Israel wanted the attacks to happen that would EXPOSE corrupt Israeli military intelligence system that connects to the top of the government and military commanders and hopefully the EXPOSURE of Israel deep state allowing the attacks to happen will lead to an ISRAELI 2024 revolution………. Where the people will rise in the time after the state of war…. And in 2024 Israel WILL JOIN THE WORLD MILITARY OPERATIONS >>> THE STORM<< (and EXPOSE their own country as corrupt and ARREST THEIR DEEP STATE LEADERS And bring in [DECLAS] on MOSSAD .cia.mi6 EPSTEIN. THE VIRUS. DEATH VACCINES FUNDING<)

You are watching the 8 year (The) Storm take massive shape and will include almost all countries…. The ARREST WARS OF 2024 Buckle up buttercups. The war is real. The news is fake. Q – Only TRUMP (Cheyenne mountain+Q+ops+ ALLIANCE) can save the world and stop WORLD WAR III from complete world annihilation Scare necessary _EVENT in progress I have been warniy you of all these EVENTS to happen .i have been telling you the middle east was going to go into major war.  The Balkans like Serbia were going to into war ( very very close) 2024 ….Africa was going to pull military coups…. china. 

North Korea were going to cause major chaos and in Indonesia, Malaysia, South China sea Taiwan was all going to go into a near War…….. All these EVENTS are now taking place It all leads to NUCLEAR STANDOFF… I (I TOLD YOU) > NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT….. Then THE END OF STORM where TRUMP Saves the world. And unites with Putin… Chinas new Leader in 2026 ( will began the end the communism … Thanks to XI’s self destruction PLAN…. That was planned to bring down ccp) ….. Indian. China. U.S. Russia WILL all shake hands and bring world peace with the help of Bin Salman..,. And middle east powers

Trump Gave you COMMS .. Only he can stop WWIII Trump gave you comes oct.9 … That Chinese Elites are figuring out that joe Biden is all a game and a game is going on (what Trump was talking about is… China Elites all know that Joe Biden was placed by white hats U.S. military and TRUMP…  And China is suspecting military operations is taking place in the U.S. and it’s evident Biden is part of Show, a game and  Trump is really in control with military pulling strings) You have more than you know Patriots Military is the only way


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