2023/10/13th   –  There is only one way the Yes Voice can win …

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1a – There is only one way the Yes Voice can win

and that is with the 2023 referendum being criminally defrauded. ‘NO’ will certainly win the vote but we cannot guarantee that we will win the count.

Re- read item 11 on   

and Item 4a on

1b – Jacinta – a quick final message

2a – The Voice’ will destroy Australia


2b – The Misleading PM Albo

The PM deliberator mislead us with his ‘only one page’ Uluru Statement when it is 26 pages,  he further mislead us with his ‘It is only an advisory body’: He never told  us if the advice was not accepted and acted on they would use millions of your taxpayers fund in the High Court to force acceptance of their advice, because the referendum would allow them to do so.  There is no sunset clause saying if the advice is not accepted that advice is null and void and cannot be taken further.

“If you don’t understand it don’t vote for it and if you do understand it, you’d never vote for it,” Paul Keating.

3a – Who is the real Donald Trump – surprises

3b – Trump at the UN – (not sure when)

3c – Show called “Disjointed” was cancelled soon after this scene was broadcast. 

4 – Not all cops are bad

5a – Israel war update


5b – Club of Rome BS from 1973  

In 1980 I exposed the Club of Rome at the 25min mark on


6 – Notice to Churches – Why do you use the pagan Greek name for our Hebrew Messiah? 

His correct Hebrew name is Yahoshua.  Son of Yahweh.  There is no J in the Hebrew language and Jesus = yah=zeus.  There was no man named Jesus .  That name was made up by Constantine and Paul and the true Yahoshua name was removed from the scriptures by the jooz.  The Dead Sea Scrolls prove this to be true and Dr Joseph Jeffers’ research proves it so. If you are a true Hebrew Israelite use the Hebrew names

with no J in the correct spelling as in the Book of Yahweh, not the Anglo Bible.  I am a Hebrew and my true Hebrew name is Yudith – not Judith.  Time to examine our true roots and be proud of who we truly are


7a – Military Occupancy means EVERYTHING was planned.

7b – Red October has Started – Benjamin Fulford


7c – Astronomical events in October – what doth it mean ?

October 2 = Andromeda Galaxy is well placed

October 9 = peak of the draconid meteor shower

October 10 = peak of the southern taurid meteor shower

October 11 = peak of the Aurigid meteor shower

October 14 = annular solar eclipse

October 15 = triangulum Galaxy is well placed

October 18th = Eris at opposition

October 21 = peak of the orionid meteor shower

October 28 = partial lunar eclipse

8 – Leaked video from Israel shows …

the editor giving instructions to the journalists and the cameraman where to film, where to lie down, how to breathe, how scared they should be, how to amplify the sound of shelling, etc. While there is nothing around them, they pretend that they are in the middle of shelling.

9 – Singapore – Vax propaganda at another level


10a – Why do they sacrifice Babies  

10b – Satanic Catholic Pope give blessing for same sex marriage

11 – Israeli Rabbi Calls Hamas Attack “Inside Job”


12 – A Decent Perth Man confronts Mayor.

How many people do we need to do similar

13 – TOP 12 Humanoid Robots In 2023 | THIS IS BAD


14 – Bruce’s call 12 Oct

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