2023/10/14th   –  YES – It’s a NO

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1 – Three World Wars to usher in a One World Religion

2 – Look at what the NO vote has prevented

3 – Need a reason for Martial Law? you got it…

4a – This is for your friend who thinks there is no PLAN – Trump seems to be pro-Israel, but he knew Israel also has a deep state as does China.

4b – Donald J Trump World Tour – Deep State submitted

5 – Be Prepared For Storm Season: Posters Sent To IGA Stores By Qld Govt. – What are they trying to tell us?

WHAT DO THEY KNOW, THAT WE DON’T? Better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not be prepared… Getting ready for the unexpected…  1 months supply food, pet food, medications & water? 3 months supply food, pet food, medications & water ? Yes; my friend works for IGA in Qld and they received a special delivery of notices to be issued on Wednesday. This is what it listed. You’ll notice it’s from the Qld Gov.   Also, I saw an ad on TV last night promoting the same thing with Jonathon Thurston as spokesperson under the guise of “Be Prepared for Storm Season”. Hmmm

6 – Study the World Debt clock – Financial crash inevitable

The Iraqi Prime Minister said the country is ready to join BRICS if it receives an invitation from the founding countries. Add another country to the list. We learned last week that Iraq will ban cash withdrawals and transactions in U.S. dollars as of Jan. 1, 2024.

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