2023/10/16th   –  These are last for a reason

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1a – These are last for a reason – blue triangles ?

Q told us that Israel would be last

The people who helped create, develop, distribute, and force the vaccines on you and your children are all supporters of Israel.

1b – US Debt Clock – US Bankruptcy Doc @4m.30 – Treasury Notes


2 – I just listened to a call from a Military Guy

I am being told that this week we will be on HIGH ALERT!  Martial Law could be declared and President Trump ‘could‘?? RETURN, Tuesday, October 17th! (along with money being depleted – the Stock Market crash…) The Order has been given for this to go down this weekend, in to next week… (3 Day ‘Bay of Pigs’ Scenario)  U. S. Navy Ships have been deployed in to the Mediterranean and are poised to go, and troops on the ground are waiting their orders…They don’t expect congress to have a Speaker of the House, until all of this is Resolved… They are expecting Israel to begin really heating up and escalate by Sunday, October 15th in to Monday the 16th… (a possible attack or a False Flag/ Black Swan event could occur in the U.S. , because of ‘Sleeper Cells’ that could activate at any moment!  Military is on High Alert 🚨 ‼️ Intelligence Agencies are on High Alert, Space Force is on High Alert, NORAD, (North American Aerospace Defense) is on High Alert!! Watch your surroundings..
Commercial airlines, trains, buses etc. are expected to discontinue their travels Soon, if Martial Law was imposed! (Air Traffic Control could be effected)  You should download signal.org on your app, so you will be able to communicate, if our internet and phones discontinue working.. The ride will be bumpy next week, and we’ll begin receiving a flood of information within the next 7 days… Martial Law is coming; they just don’t know the ‘Exact Day!’
Stay grounded, centred and alert…
Men crossing the southern border are single, not with their family, so that is not a good sign… Next week’s activities will scare a large scale of people, especially in Major Cities… Remember, if Martial Law is declared, do NOT go out!  “Stay at Home!” Be PREPARED, because the Storm is HERE… The military man on the call is going dark until next Wednesday!

3a – Israel Deploys DEWs – Iron Beam Lasers To Be Used


3b – Egypt High about to get much worse & Putin knows it.

3c – Israel-Hamas War – Dangerous Fake News.


3d – Why Israel attack was allowed – according to David Icke

Ok at 1.25 speed


4a – Palestine wants Peace

4b – Kissinger repents?


5a – How to Give Away Half a Continent – Quadrant Online

Facts of what lies behind the agenda of the voice from the left and the next one coming up from the right. Both are the same coin take over everything under the UN new world order agenda. Where their leader Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. Ignorance is not an option


Rumours that Albo + Communist traitors are going to attempt a Treaty with people who died 200 years ago, despite the Referendum results ? That is Treason of the highest betrayal and carries the death penalty.

5b – The UN Voice marauders are engulfed from within, hiding where they remain, impotently raging as they burn


6a – The Greatest Sting of all time


6b – Bill Gates and EU have lost their minds, millions could die if they succeed


7a – Why is Usury illegal and criminal ?

Only thieves live off interest

7b – Tap water under a microscope


7c – Tartaria + Gaddafi

8 – The genius of Bach

9 – 🎺 Oh JERUSALEM… You have become a heavy Stone for all Nations


10 – We’re all just walking each other home”

The survival of the fittest is yet another fallacy propagated by the system establishment to ensure weakness and division in humanity.  But the truth is that we thrive through cooperation, collaboration and community. 

It’s about holding the weak when we are strong and being held by the strong when we feel frail. This is how humanity thrives, in being able to lean on one another as we continue walking this journey of life.  

Understanding that our own well being and prosperity is only possible when we are collectively aligned in creating a better future through cooperation, is vital to making it a reality. The sooner we switch from competition to cooperation, the sooner we will start to change things around for humanity. Only when we all understand that humanity prospers together, will we start functioning as a healthy, peaceful and thriving collective. 

It’s not the survival of the fittest, it’s about making sure the weak survive with us, because life is not a competition, it’s about walking each other home. Life is a full circle, we just have to find our way back from where we came from, just stronger and wiser and kinder and always grateful for the journey.  


LauraAboli Truth. Faith. Freedom.

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