2023/10/17th   –  The Hammer is about to drop – Lock and Load

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There is sooo much happening, here are just a few items that affect us all every day for the immediate future

For ye who missed it – perhaps the most important message for us all nowIt’s Not My Problem – we can all learn from this + Eph 5.11 + Pastors take note – it is not a suggestion

1 – The Hammer is about to drop – Lock and Load

2 – Is THIS the WW-3 scare event from Q ?

Pakistan, and Egypt, and Brussels, oh my!!  Do you understand what you’re seeing right now? This IS the WWIII scare event. The final act, curtain, call it what you will… This IS what we have been prepped for for nearly three years. It’s not a coincidence, it’s not due to an organic escalation, and it’s not by chance…  It looks real.  It looks scary.  It looks bloody. It even smells and sounds like a war in some locations. Because it has to.
The better part of 8 billion citizens have to be convinced of why global martial law and collective government overthrow and replacement is necessary with no other option…It had to be this way.
Because we couldn’t very well tell the programmed that they were being deprogrammed with reverse conditioning to a better outcome and flip a switch overnight.  Unless we wanted a civil war.  
They had to wake up, at least through their perception, organically. But now it’s coming to an end and we’re about to be handed the world and existence that we were always supposed to have. So we pray to God to watch over and maintain the health and safety of those who put it all on the line to ensure ours.  “Thank you” doesn’t even come close.  					

3 – Israeli State Radio 15/Oct/2023

Move your curser away to read the words

4 – Ukraine Fizzled so they start the big one


5 – Israel is HAMAS – Q operation activated

END IS NIGH – Maori Morpheus, Watch as I compile major drops from AND WE KNOW with LT, SG Anon, Netanyahu EXPOSED, Q OPERATION ACTIVATED IN ISREAL, New Zealand Govt DEFEATED IN ELECTION, fake media have FLIPPED, Trump speech, Good news around the world and of course, the link between Israeli Zionist Fake Jews and their minions, HAMAS


6 – SG Anon with David Rodriguez: Halloween Surprise Is Here! WW3 Israel Gaza – Spec Ops – Fall 2023 – – – 46 mins


7 – Stew Peters drive-up terminals at Target. 

The Cabal will keep trying üntil their endand yes, Reiner Fuellmich has been arrested

8a – Warren Mundine BLASTS a journalist

8b – Shame on : Alboo ‘flushed down the toilet’


9 – Trump’s peace deals are playing out right now.

“Congress didn’t take an Oath.” That’s the point of a Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan aka Continuity of Government. The Federal Continuity Directives outline  how the 3 Branches of Government are led by a Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-40) to perform their National Essential Functions. CIC Trump signed Executive Order 13848 with a National Emergency, September 12, 2018, TWO months before ANY Election under his Presidency.  Which means the only evidence of Election Interference was 2016 and prior. The line: “although no foreign power has altered the outcome OR vote tabulation in ANY Election” means mine and your votes weren’t stolen on our end and the vote tabulation equals objections which cancels out January 6, meaning it was planned.  This was NEVER about 2020 Election. 

Military Occupancy and COOP.  All of the World Tour with President Trump’s peace deals are playing out right now. And his speeches are LOADED with evidence 🇺🇸


5min version – world capitulation tour  Skip this if you have already seen it


The longer version 


Executive Order 13848


All EO’s



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