2023/10/19th  Welcome to The Country Ceremonies

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Just a few items – no one can trust anything on MSM or even some social media spewing out alleged videos of atrocities, – Both sides are pouring out real and fake news in the final stages of this intense spiritual-military battle. No one will reveal the dates nor events coming so be prepared and trust that Good will Prevail as it always does in the end

1a – If we are one people, why are there 2 flags ??

Who built the bridge and the city and named them ??

1b – Welcome to The Country Ceremonies

 I would like to pay my respects to elders past and present.
 To the Italian elders who built our roads, railways and  telecommunications
 To the Greek and Turkish elders for giving us kebab shops.
 To the American elders who built the Westfield shopping 
 To the Chinese elders who gave us all the $2 shops.
 To the Irish elders who gave us Irish pubs and humour.
 To the Indian elders who gave us great Curries.
 To the English elders who gave us Cricket.
 To the German + American elders who gave us great Cars.
 To the Elders from all over the World who have given so much.
 Finally, to Indigenous elders who have given us the Smoking ceremony ?

1c – Voice Election Scrutineer caught them..

pretty common in the last State elections too


2 – Jacinta – Child sex abuse in abo settlements


3 – Tennessee fake mandate laws – good woman says NO


4 – Palestinian crisis actors …

Palestinian crisis actors after an alleged blast at a hospital in Gaza City on Tuesday Lots of props and faked pics


5 – Fake actors @ funeral – hear air raid siren

6 – The Star of David exposed

7 – Crazy antics of climate change

8 – Women Sex Slaves Of The Catholic Church…

9 – How to enjoy a shower


10 – The greatest show on Earth 2023 Documentary

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