2023/10/20th  Best summary of what’s going on

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A repeat – No one can trust anything on MSM or even some social media spewing out alleged videos of atrocities – Both sides are pouring out real and fake news in the final stages of this intense spiritual-military battle. No one will reveal the dates nor events coming so be prepared and trust that Good will Prevail as it always does in the end

1 – Wyatt’s opinion – best summary

2a – Why the Voice failed – Peter Dutton 

Note the 60 Minutes actress trying to goad him

2b – Grief too great for some to bear ??

2c – What’s happening to Albo’s credibility ?

3a – WEF and UN just tried to STEAL Australia


3b – Netanyahu – Criminality Beyond Description


3c – It seems the hospital was not destroyed – only cars

4a – David Icke – what’s happening in Israel

Well done but long and slow – Wyatt says it better in Item 1


4b – The white house in Red – Red October ? Q

4c – Biden – where are the salutes ?

4d – Special Message from Melania Trump

5a – 5G street light destroys a nearby tree

Popping up everywhere – to feed your smartass desires

5b – Emergency lighting – did you not learn this  at school ?

5c – Norway – photos from 150 – 200 years ago 

6 – 10 Signs You Have a Vaccine Injury and What You Can Do About It: Insights from Top Doctors




7a – When you speak – do you cast spells on you + others ?

7b – Natural Remedies Grandma knew

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