2023/10/22nd – Man made problems must be solved by man

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John F. Kennedy’s own words: Our problems are man-made; therefore, they can and must be solved by man.

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. Trust God today, no matter how dark you situation. He says – you will come out

Victoria’s south-west rattled by 5.0 magnitude earthquake


1a – Albanese government is a ‘joke and a disaster’: Rowan Dean


1b – ‘Lazy, clueless’ Albanese surrounded by ‘second-rate fools’


1c – If you ignore this – they will go ahead

Lodge  your objection to ogtr@health.gov.au

1d – Cardiac Arrest Incidents – Highest Ever Recorded In Victoria  

2a – Canada to Begin Euthanizing ‘Drug Addicts’ and ‘Mentally Ill


2b – Making Fake News in London 

2c – Hong Hong: People cutting down facial recognition towers

3a – White House knew covid vaxxes were killing people years

3b – Replace car with vaccine


3c – The silent weapon you carry

France bans iPhone 12 sales – 5G radiation – At least someone is waking up

4a – Green Light means GO Oct 23 Trump News

The white house is lit in red every night, Is it warning of Red October.

4b – Birds are not stupid – Israel last ?

4c – I hesitate to put up Date Setting If this item is true, who can know ? * EBS Activation on Oct 22nd ?? Author’s Opinion only

Biden’s Retirement, Trump’s Return, White Hats’ Plan Revealed

The date is set, the players are in position, and the world is about to witness a seismic shift. It’s no longer whispers in the dark corners of the internet, but a roaring truth echoing across the global stage. A declaration boldly made by Q, indicating a potential blackout of the Internet. But why? And to what end?

The reason is startling. Following this anticipated it emerged—unquestionably—that Trump was not just the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army, but also the President of the new Republic of the USA. And hold onto your hats, because JFK Jr. stands right beside him as Vice President. The monumental inauguration? It was discreetly held at Mount Rushmore on the iconic date of July 4, 2021. A date that will be remembered.

However, the ramifications of this revelation don’t stop there. The Cabal’s Federal Reserve US dollar, the currency that has long been the linchpin of global finance, is on the brink of obsolescence. Its future value? A big zero.

And what comes next? Post October 22, many believe that NESARA/GESARA will be the new worldwide protocol. According to the regulations of GESARA itself, the next 120 days post its announcement will be electric. Elections are on the horizon, but not the kind we’ve seen before.


5a – Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) announced Chinese state-owned company Syngenta must divest Arkansas land holdings.


5b – The World will know Q is not a conspiracy – General Michael Flynn

5c – Deepstate Chemtrails

6a – Is Trump an embarrassment to Americans?

These Interviewers are an embarrassment. They wouldn’t let her speak. I’d like to see them interview her now. It’s four years old.


6b – Stonehenge was built in the 1950s – apologies to New Agers

6c – It must be true – I saw it on TV

7 – Coca Cola iconic jingle I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke premiered in 1971.

8 – Tartaria – Mind boggling hidden history is all being revealed


9 – Banks and Economy: Google Bankrupt

The Moscow Arbitration Court has declared Google LLC, Google’s Russian subsidiary, bankrupt as it owes 53.6 billion rubles (approx 500 million euros). See

Payment Systems:

JUST IN: Ripple XRP CEO Brad Garlinghouse releases statement following [Cabal] SEC dropping lawsuit against him. More

JUST IN: Ripple XRP Chief Legal Officer says “this is not a settlement, this is a surrender by the SEC.” See. Cabal throwing the towel in! 

Can you smell GESARA coming…? BRICS GESARA Nations Alliance:

Indonesia Now Considering To Join BRICS Alliance. More

Our new B.R.I.C.S PAY! Here is a demo. . BRICS Pay System is part of QFS… 

BRICS is on the move with their own currencies using digital payments! By doing this, purchasing will be instantaneous and very easy for the BRICS nations! They represent a large percentage of the world’s economies! Remember Operation Sandman? By not using the fiat U.S. dollar anymore, it will cripple and devalue it.  This will hurt our economy. Remember, the more your own currency is used, the higher it is valued! That is why Iraq is making their citizens use the Dinar and not U.S. dollars! More

The current GESARA BRICS Alliance and the Candidate Countries that expressed interest to join, see map

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