2023/10/25th – Yes campaign’s ‘mass tantrum’

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1a – Yes campaign’s ‘mass tantrum’ over Voice result won’t make a difference


1b – PM is controlled by a ‘bunch of faceless men and women’


2a – Unlawful foreign Corporation Cops – vicious attack on Rod Culleton

2b – Nothing will save the WA Police

20th October, invasion on hearsay, no warrant, no evidence, no court documents, no documents, unlawful forced entry, damages to heritage property. Open the link to read more


2c – Rule 303 to end the corruption quickly ??

A 303 was was the standard infantry rifle in the First World War and would be for much of the Second World War. A bolt action weapon that fired a . 303 calibre round it weighed 8.62lbs was 44 ½ in.

3a – Australia has taken in 470,000 migrants in the past 12 months during the worst housing crisis ever – all by design


3b – Jim Chalmers ‘shrugged off’ record high migration report


4a – Central Queensland grazier, Craig Bailey

The day Reef Compliance Officers came to my property

 Craig Bailey gave a strong presentation at the 2023 PRA conference of how his family felt being subjected to a compulsory audit under the reef protection regulations. Craig was surprised to be under such a microscope because in 1994 his family changed their approach to property management decisions, aligned to what has now become known as regenerative agriculture. On the day of audit, two young compliance officers had little knowledge or interest in Craig’s land management. Craig felt the method used by the reef regulations is saying to farmers and graziers that they haven’t the skill or the will and can’t be trusted to look after their properties. Having previously little knowledge of reef regulations, Craig has since looked into them and is dismayed at the mechanisms in place. “You don’t put a hammer in your toolbox unless you plan to use it one day.”, Craig observed, “The Queensland government pretty much have seized control of the management of your property.”


4b – 11th Nov – Come to Melbourne – Tim Dwyer


5a – Court of Appeals Finds Biden Violated 1st Amendment

5b – Today A Positive Vote To Impeach Biden Passed

6a – Saving Israel till last ? more info

The Israeli narrative is starting to unravel -- Israeli survivors saying IDF were the ones who shot and killed most of the Israeli citizens -- "Kill everyone" was the directive ....

6b – “A False Flag attack is coming in Gaza”


6c – Black Monday – Oct 30-31 ??


7a – This is what Human Trafficking looks like


7b – Revealing conversation with a Jew

Biden’s Administration

8 – Vandalism in Wales – learn from this

9 – When you get a traffic ticket  

10a – UN Pedo agenda exposed in Australia


10b – Qld Labor reaping hundred$ of million$ from hundreds of high-tech cameras along Bruce Highway


11a – Electric vehicles are to get you off the road


12a – The World you were not allowed to see

12b – How to speak to 250 thousand people

13 – Africa Does The Unexpected! Ends US $$


14 – When You Mess With The Bull, You Shall Receive The Horns

Forwarded from The Revival Of America Podcast Derek Johnson just sent me this.  His new post $3,804 in front of Federal Reserve Building. 3+8 = 11 Alt 4.

Law of War Manual 11.4 = Legal Position of Occupying Power.

Gold and Silver. “America’s Golden Age is just ahead.” – CIC DJT.

MULTIPLE other optics and comms with Gold and Silver by CIC DJT.

Wait for it…   Q3804:


Here’s the link THIS WAS 7 YEARS AGO –

Everything ties into new Quantum Financial System and dissolving of Federal Corporation and Federal Reserve. All under Military Occupancy and Continuity of Government. And for those who say Q is a “Conspiracy Theory”… Q is a Clearance.


Don’t say there’s no such thing like some ignorant imbeciles recently tried on X…  Because when you mess with the bull, you shall receive the horns 🐂 Proof of Quantum Financial System (Pg. 3, 2nd paragraph):


If numbers mean nothing, stop complaining about taxes and prices. The more ya know….

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