2023/10/27th – 1 Billion jabbed deaths

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1a – Who should be concerned about their personal privacy?

From Charlie Brisbane What truly shocks me is that most people don’t care at all about their loss of liberty or privacy.  Not at all. They don’t care. Liberty, and its defense, if of no concern to them.
And I believe the founders of the United States of America would be absolutely disgusted at and ashamed of their descendants’ betrayal.
Young people simply accept ubiquitous surveillance as the way things are. As Bruce Schneier wrote: “this is a crowd that is used to radical openness. They have been writing about themselves on the internet for years. They have said very personal things on Twitter; they have had embarrassing photographs of themselves posted on Facebook. They have been dumped by a lover in public.” And older people accept it by saying, “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.”Well, I’ve done nothing wrong, but there are plenty of things I believe are absolutely no one else’s business.  Certainly not the business of the government.  I think we all should have a very high expectation of privacy in our loves, our lives, our finances, our relationships, our communications, our beliefs and practices, and even, yes, in our indiscretions and sin. Especially those who’ve done nothing wrong … we are the people who should be the most forceful in asserting our right to privacy.

And here’s my point: we should not have to worry about protecting our privacy; we should not be using internet anonymizers (VPNs) and encryption technologies, and secure email.  We should, instead, be demanding a much higher level of respect for our privacy from the government.


1bFrom Rebecca

1.  Do you understand there is a Full Moon on October 28 and that military moves come during full moons?

2.  Do you understand that Netanyahu is pretending to be afraid to sign the invasion orders for Gaza, and is making a strategic Psychological Operation… for plausible deniability?

3.  Can you think like a military General?

4.  Do you understand that the U.S. was told to leave Syria…and did… but now it is bombing Syria against international law?

5.  Did you find out what exists under Mt. Zion… that is deadly to Earth?

6.  Are you willing to bend your mind, if new factual evidence is presented?

7.  Do you understand that one cannot ‘give up’ just because one is weary of the fake news and all of the false flags, because the fight is global for the survival of humanity… that is …all children?

8.  Do you understand that we are not in a “game”… we are not sitting in a “theater”… and instead we are standing on the field of a raging war… and the players wear army boots with spikes, carry DEW weapons, and they do not ‘love’ humanity?….  Perception is everything right now.

9.  If you learned… beyond a doubt… that both good and evil races are involved in the global war for control of Earth … would you be able to accept the facts?  Do you accept the idea that there are ‘evil spirits’ and ‘good spirits’?  What is the Holy spirit?  What is Lucifer?  What is the ‘bigger picture’?

10.  Do you understand human physics… that one cannot ‘raise one’s frequency to the Fifth Dimension’?  That concept is baseless in real science.

11.  Do you understand the human biology… we are born with a range of frequencies… alpha, theta, beta, etc…. and we can learn how to use them to maximize our well-being and ability to communicate with the Most High source of knowledge?

12.  Do you understand that all humans were ‘tagged’ by military electronic equipment… and every human has a unique frequency that is tracked in real time?

13.  Did you see the movie ‘Logan’s Run’? …We are living in it now.

14.  Can you use the Army’s motto:  ACCEPT and ADAPT?

15.  Are you aware of the things one should NOT ACCEPT?

16.  Do you understand the “layers of players” taking part in our ‘break out’ from the Khazarian cage that was built around humanity… military, political, religion, media, etc.?

17.  What is the difference between the angels and the ‘hosts of heaven’? HINT:   [Psalm 103]

18.  Is it easier to ‘obey’… than to ‘think for oneself’?

19.  What if you are wrong? HINT:   (Nobody cares but you.  Deal with it.  Correct yourself.  Stop holding on to your wrong ideas… learn.)

20.  If you tell yourself that it is okay to walk off a cliff, and you do to your death… who cares?  HINT:  (Nobody…So don’t do that…. Stick around and be helpful on some level.  Stop being selfish and just hiding.  

EXHIBIT:  Share a coffee with someone and talk to them.  Listen to their opinion.

EXHIBIT:  Go to:  Tactical Civics.com LINK:  https://tacticalcivics.com/

WATCH the 11 minute video.

21.  Do you understand that a human is physical… mental… emotional… plasma (energy)?

22.  You are wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14 – I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.


2a – Australia – Albo’s high speed train.

In case you haven’t heard the news, the final leg of the bogged down in politics, long awaited High Speed Rail line is about to be completed. Prime Minister Albanese will get the first ride in a specially designed rear coach. It took years to get to this historic moment.   

2b – Australia New Super jab – what do you reckon mate ?

2c – Federal Govt Health – disgusting story

3a – World population reduced by One Billion since 2021 – Media Blackout 

3b – How many is 8 Billion people

3c – Who is Mike Johnson ?

3d – Mike Johnson with Tucker Carlson

4a – Are they getting ready for Martial-Law ?

Train full of military vehicles being moved through Kentucky  (Its Over). US Trade Deficit SKYROCKETS… Expanding $2.8 BILLION DOLLARS PER DAY

4b – MARTIAL LAW – Declaration of Martial Law

As a result, the military holds immense power to run essential branches of the State, including the police, courts, legislature, or any lawmaking body.  In the event of martial law, the military courts may be used to try civilians, as stipulated in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As such, military authorities lead the implementation of peace and order, including serving the arrest warrants and trial proceedings of those who are deemed to have committed crimes or activities aimed at undermining the government, among a host of other offenses. Without the declaration of martial law, civilians in the United States can’t be tried under the military courts

5 – CDC official Carol Baker “we will just get rid of all the whites in the United States”

6a – HAARP is now further evidenced here


6b – Bushfire season again Qld – just wondering 

7a – Check out this Israeli cop   

Israeli policeman interrupting journalist’s live broadcast: “We will turn Gaza to dust! You are not allowed to report anything else” 

7b – Bill Cooper on the Creation of Israel

7c – Situation in Gaza – we must end Zionism..

7d – Israel – the apartheid regime of murder


8 – Snuff torture video found on Anthony Weiners laptop

9 – Sea Shells NESARA Update  mp3

10 – God given cures

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