2023/10/28th – Can’t wait for next week

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 1a – Faith King sings – We challenge you This dear lady friend lady is 82 years old – I think her pic is several months old

1b – Biden Shall be removed – Mike Johnson

1c – Their Agenda of Control 

2a – Israel’s Balfour Lease expires Oct 31st

2b – The Govt Can

2c – WEF Founder’s Son ‘Singing Like a Bird’ To Prosecutors

Crimes Against Humanity Case Wonderful news that the International Criminal Court, the ICC, is moving on crimes against humanity for all the bastards who imposed the covid hoax upon the world. The gallows for these bastards.


3a – Jab pusher, communist Bob Carr’s wife dies

3b – Police Union unmasks the Voice campaign as BLM ‘whip themselves into a frenzy’


4a – Mercury and free power

4b – Old world Fireplaces did not burn wood

4c – Who killed the inventor of a water powered car ?

5a – Cancer and your Liver

5b – How to care for you Liver

5c – Best Toothpaste


6 – Stars and Planets through a Nikon P900 Camera – Just as Enoch Book 2 told us – not NASA CGI “photos”

Enoch tells us they are living beings – not rocks Read Book 2 thoroughly

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