2023/10/29th – What a difference 12 months makes

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1a – What a difference 12 months makes

1b – Albanese ‘pretty much left the country’ after Voice failure


1c – Pictures can say 1000 words

This Goose of a PM of ours is wearing DIFFERENT SHOES. The right one is different from the left, it’s higher. Either he bought a mixed pair with him, he put on the wrong shoes or, he’s got a Club Foot or an ankle brace ?  Pic Top right

1d – Albo’s mates are at it again – closing anything they feel like.

Traditional owners move to ban boats passing through Horizontal Falls gaps in Kimberley region of WA. Such good people, they could run this country so well.


2a – Operation Warp Speed – Seed War

Human DNA Made In Gods Image.  Remember Trumps vaxx was Ivermectin made for healing, not murder

2b – Mike Johnson is onto the Deep State

2c – When Mike Johnson called for Pelosi to be arrested?

The FBI raided Trump’s house for some documents, but Pelosi rips up official archive docs & nothing happens. Happy to support Rep. Mike Johnson for Speaker if he’s bringing this type of heat despite him seeming to be pro- fake Israel. I guess he will soon wake up to that.

3a – The fake Israel – a bankrupt corporation

* Any country holding IQD at the time of the revaluation is going to be flush with cash and it’s this influx that is going to prop up each new Republic.

* If the RV happens BEFORE Oct 31st Israel will have a new stockpile source for the Khazarians to continue with their enterprise.

* October 31st Israels contract as a sovereign country expires and it reverts into a corporation – a BANKRUPT corporation. Therefore Israel no longer has any standing.

* We must wait for this to happen.   Israel is last, remember?

In conclusion we logically must wait for the above to occur before Iraq can revalue.   This is what all the stalling has been about.   So settle in, relax we only have 1 week to Nov. 1st.

**Recall BANKNOTE WORLD has a sale going on until Oct 31st.  

We really are almost home.

3b – Exchange Rates Today


4a – After School Satan Club – hope none here

4b – More pictures can say another 1000 words

5 – Why hide this from our history books ?

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