2023/10/30th – Full moon – so what ?  

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Full moon – so what ? Significant events, good and bad historically have always occurred within days of the full moon

1 Health ‘experts’ gather for Queensland Vaccination $ummit

Read it – Quite disgusting really – A range of immunisation ‘experts’, pharmacists, clinicians and more, have gathered for a private summit to discuss how to ‘boost vaccination rates’ and ‘combat vaccine fatigue’  and you’d never guess – Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared virtually at the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science in Brisbane to discuss mRNA technology, ‘disinformation’ and more.

A letter to the Premier from Len – you write too

My dear Palaszczuk,

The following is for your benefit (AiIrgaf) for the upcoming crimes against humanity trials in which you will be required to take part.  You will note in the first item that there is now proof positive that viruses do not exist and that the virology profession is a big lie.  Ergo, covid does not exist and never has. All those who promoted covid and the poisonous injections that were forced upon people by the criminal scum that imposed it upon THE PEOPLE will suffer the consequences of their actions. This includes all who imposed, health authorities, politicians, public servants, police and business proprietors. Good luck with your defence. Next is the proof that viruses DO NOT EXIST and the ‘profession’ of virology is a giant fraud upon the people of the world. 

This is from the very top level that the WEF is finished.  A Swiss banker has blown the whistle as he and his mother suffer from covid injections and are dying. 

2 – Who else is pushing the jab ?

3 – Help with your server… may help Mac users


4 – Have others noticed that the media…

flooded us with glowing programs and items about Aboriginal people before the referendum “voice vote”, but now, since the thing was resoundingly defeated, has suddenly gone rather “quiet” with this type of “material”? They never mentioned the cannibalism as detailed in the book River of Gold by Hector Holthouse – available from Angus and Robertson. abt $30 posted…..

Rev Flynn of the Presbyterian church had visited so many remote locations especially Darwin to Adelaide and  in 1909 and produced a book As a contrast to terrible things that were done  in some colonies. But we must not forget some great good was done

5a – State Govts encouraging racial division

5b – The mourning after. Voice Referendum. ABC, Thomas Mayo, Marcia Langton, QandA


5c – Thomas Mayo backs the Misinformation Bill

Still sooking after the loss of the referendum, Thomas Mayo now backs Albo’s misinformation bill so he can control what you say online.  

5d – Does this fall into the category of Misinformation

6a – Even this US journalist knew what the voice was all about

6b – Local Council Heritage Lists 900 Homes 

6c – LGovt in Action if you don’t pay rates  

7a – General Mike Flynn, blatantly states that…

some of our legislators are compromised by globalist actors, due to their trips overseas where they “sleep with children”

7b – SG Anon – Some Pretty Alarming Info 

8 – Freedom Is The Reward ~ Peace Is The Prize

This is beautiful and I hope will be something you can save and rewatch when you are feeling discouraged about your loved one’s awareness.   Everyone is at a different stage of this Great Awakening and remember how truly blessed you are to have had God lift that veil for you and how much trust he had in you knowing you could assist him with waking up his children.   Remember regardless of their beliefs or predispositions, they were subjected to the mass psychosis that nearly took down humanity.  Also good to remember that regardless of their beliefs, we are ALL God’s Children and he needs your help to be kind and generous with ALL his children.

You were chosen for such a time as this, it’s not to be taken lightly.  He knows you have the strength within you to endure or you wouldn’t be here.  God loves and trust you and will never lay upon your shoulders anything you cannot carry. With that being said make sure to take your breaks and get out in his glorious nature he created for you.  Fall is a beautiful time of year to watch as he magically changes things to prepare for the next season in your life… go outdoors and drink it in.  This will help you recharge and refresh to be able to come back to the battle field stronger than ever! Be blessed Patriots,   Kelly

9a – How Israeli Jews treat Palestinians

Remember – the Israelie lease expires 31 Oct. Jews are tenants, they don’t like being evicted – That’s what it’s all about

9b – Palestinians – a template for what they will do to us

9c – Israel destroys houses and arrests Palestinians in refugee camps


10a – Here’s Why U.S. Elites Support Israel


10b – If the west loses – Zionism is finished

10c – Military operation in progress, 800 wartime Generals…

Pascal Najadi + Mark Attwood – Trump and Mike Johnson both said they will support the people of Israel – They are not “Zionists” They have cleaned out the DUMBs and will clean out the scum at the top, as they will here. Listen Carefully

11 – War on men, now it’s war on boys in the Orwellian Australia.


12 – Bishop Mar Mari – pay attention church people

13 – Climate Propaganda ‘Scientists believe…

Climate Propaganda ‘Scientists believe it’s going to be the HOTTEST EVER in 100,000 years Oh really … with 6000 years of recorded history ? Australian TV

14a – Biblical Views about “End Times”

14b – The Real Calendar    

14c – What is NASA for ?

15 – Private collection of strange things in old London house

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