2023/10/31st – Time is winding down 

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1a – The end is not for everyone – Seriously

1b – Time is winding down  +  Major arrests 28 Nov (probably)

1c – Why is Biden Panicking ?

2a – Bosi and the RICO Act 

2b – Fox News is reporting that US warplanes have just carried out airs trikes in Syria against “Iranian proxy forces”.

2c – Hamas Leaders

3a – It’s the Ruling Elites behind all of it – Putin


3b – They want to eliminate God – Laura Logan


4a – State of Palestine in the Bible – 1905

This is BEFORE the Masonic infiltration. The BOLSHEVIK JEWS killed their own kind to impose control and move forward in their Zionist AGENDA. Learn the RIGHT HISTORY. The Scofield Bible was the source of the “Fake Jew Chosen People”” and the “Fake Secret Rapture” (Rev 1.7)

4b – Israel Just Lost The Balfour Contract. … ISRAEL NO MORE

Posted by Wolverine – 6 o’clock can be dangerous was 1 hour ago. Israel just lost the Balfour contract. ISRAEL NO MORE! They can no longer operate. 

THE GAME IS OVER NOW. Israel has just lost its RIGHTS TO EXISTENCE. Your rights to operate. They are now a State that operates illegally. Everything they do now is illegal. That is why they are surrounded by warships from all countries. So, all the corporations, banks, etc. that operate and are owned by the Rothschild Empire and all corporations registered in Israel but operating around the world are now illegal. These are around 90% of corporations in the world such as the WHO, Blackrock, WEF, etc. The New World Order globalists’ grand reset plan is over. They need to surrender, NOW

Extract from the Fulford report of today:

“announced resignation of the Swiss President Alain Berset, one of the group leaders Octagon. according to Mossad and other sources. His dismissal means that the Economic Forum World, WHO and Gavi are about to lose immunity diplomacy that gave them the Swiss government. This will open the path to the courts war crimes for mass murders through vaccination.”

4c – Dr. Carrie Madej explains how to detox from the 💉

Baking Soda + Epson Sal + Borax  + Bentonite Clay

5a – Monica being prosecuted…AGAIN


5b – Alan Jones – Never forget – their day is coming

5c – Australian Federal Police admit they are training Chinese Communist Party Police


6a – Indigenous activism using ‘battering ram’ – to break private property rights


6b – Rock climbers threatened with $346,000 fines – under cultural heritage laws


7 – Rabobank carves up Australia

How did Rabobank get into Australia to take the place of the Commonwealth Development Bank? The Netherlands-based Rabobank has its origins in Australia thanks to former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating and his then wife Annita, a Dutch-born Australian.


8 – Jones Plantation (Full Movie)



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