2023/11/01st – Why Israel last? – it’s here Now

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has dissolved the country’s Parliament on November 1, setting an early general election and several local votes for December 17. Serbia is an ally of Russia.

1a- Why Israel last? Banks Collapse are next
Shit Just Hit The Fan NOW.  it's 31st in Israel since 30 min. Almost ALL Trading Brokers Got BANNED by METAQUOTE. Millions of traders can't trade anymore. They don't want us to do THE GREAT SHORT. The State of Israel Contract with the Rothschild is finished and not renewed. Zionist Evil Jews will get EVICTED! NO MORE ISRAEL! Why Israel for last. Banks Collapse are next NOW!  THE END OF THE WORLD HAS WE KNOW IT COMPLETE FINANCIAL SYSTEM COLLAPSE INCOMING NOW!   GLOBAL RESET!
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1b – Israel Goes Unnamed on China Online Maps


2a – Q Clearance is real and activated

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Q_clearance

Q clearance or Q access authorization is the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance required to access Top Secret Restricted Data

Q Clearance is issued by the U.S Department of Energy (USDOE). The USDOE is responsible for the Administration of America’s Energy Platforms and in particular Atomic Energy. Q Clearances are in fact issued under the Atomic Energy Act 1954 and is the highest security clearance in the United States. Atomic Weapons fall under the Atomic Energy Act also, this means anyone who has access to information or classified data relating to Atomic Energy or Weapons must have a Q level Clearance, this includes the Military and Military Intelligence.

There are claims that Q is not real, this is not a fact nor is Q a psyop if it was/is a psyop it was used to awaken people to the truth by dropping clues or breadcrumbs to help people research what is really happening behind the scenes. It is without doubt that the person or people claim to be “Q” are person/s with the highest level of Security Clearances ( Q Clearance ) to be able to share such information which to date has been 100% accurate.

There is a Q Clearance – There is a Q – There are Anons

There is no such thing Q Anon as the Media narrative states while attempting to discredit Q by stating it is a Conspiracy Theory.

2b – AMALEK – A license for genocide – Netanyahu


2c – We are at War with the Devil

3a – Banks are blocking transfers and cash withdrawals, making it very difficult to access your Own Money 

3b – Banks are blocking transfers and cash withdrawals…

This will keep happening while people mindlessly use smartass devices instead of cash

3c – Keating has been on the Chinese payroll


4a – Jordan Maxwell was an amazing man – he warned us


4b- They Are Coming For Your Children


4c – WH0s Standards For Sex Education


5 – Witness in Melbourne DUMBs 

6a – Aboriginal leaders, ALP call Police Union president ‘racist’, demand he resigns over comments about Treaty


7 – They left a clue for us to find back to God 

8a – Henry Ford was forced to comply too

8b – Honda CEO – No more EVs


8c – GM CEO – No more EVs


8d – Volkswagen CEO – No more EVs


9 – Police State – Documentary



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