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1a – What is anti-semitism ? –

Nothing to do with the jews at all.  Semitism come from the word Shemite (plural Shemites) descendant of the Biblical Shem. Since all Caucasians are descended from Shem, how can we be anti-ourselves ?
All these are all falsehoods; they have all been propagated with fear. 

  1. If you’ve done nothing wrong; you have no reason to fear the State
  2. A person who’s done nothing wrong has no reason to desire privacy
  3. Those who object to a security state must be presumed to have something to hide
  4. We must all be prepared to sacrifice as much liberty as necessary to secure our safety
  5. Finally, we must always trust our government officials to always do what is absolutely best for us, questioning nothing (sorry, that’s “mommy and daddy”)

1b – Warning to QR code users

I know most followers are smart enough to avoid THIS QR trap. But you might help someone

2a – Why is America so involved with Israel etc 

The Gaza death toll nears 9,000. This is not just genocide. Israel and the United States plan to turn Gaza into the “Ben Gurion Canal”, a rival to Egypt’s Suez Canal. This is about controlling the world’s most geostrategic shipping lane. If you do one thing, watch this

Israel has now killed over 7,500 people, surpassing the slaughter of 2014 twofold. Not because Israel is racist. Israel and the US want the giant amounts of gas in Gaza, and to create a rival to China’s New Silk Road.

2b – The Truth about the Middle East  

3a – From the vault – remember NZ Jack Adhern – or was it Dick Adhern?

A strange place to carry your purse ?

3b – Fitness enthusiasts are dying suddenly more than 16 sudden deaths


3c – Matthew Perry is not the only actor to die unexpectedly this year. At least 33 more


4a – Leaked message from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

to his Senior Advisor Lee Cain on December 15, 2020.. revealed they knew Covid-19 was nothing more than a HOAX and the NHS was not overwhelmed… 

4b – The “Leader of the Free World”

Joe Biden’s desecration of the Oath of Office he took with his hand on the Bible in front of the world.  It has come to light that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has had 40 informants inside the Biden family over the past 15 years. For 15 years, Credible Informants have been providing criminal information against the Biden’s to FBI Field Offices across the country, and for 15 years, every time the information has been brought to FBI HQ, the leadership of the FBI shuts it down.

But it’s not just the FBI, it’s the Department of Justice as well.  I just heard sworn witness testimony that the Biden Bribery allegations on the FD-1023 Form were CREDIBLE, and that he referred the criminal matters originating from it to three separate U.S. Attorney’s offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Delaware for further investigation. Then, just like at the FBI, nothing happened. The allegations about Joe Biden are being covered up… because they are TRUE

4c – Marjory Taylor Green – Biden Busted

5a – 4000 New York jews were warned not to go to work on 9/11

5b – It all lines up

5c – Queer Surgeon – Life Imprisonment or Death

6a – Nancy Pelosi Subpoenaed in Criminal Case 

6b – Update Oct 29 – US Military



6c – Jeep CEO warning to EV car makers


7 – The National Australia Bank (NAB)

8 – Plandemic Part 2

Some people cannot dnl this – It is a huge file,  so I will leave it up and remove it on Nov 11th – Grab it now if you want – play – right click – and save as…. on your desk top to put it where you want


9 – Gold is the Standard for RV

Sergey Glazyev, a great Russian economist and politician, foresees the imminence of the planned BRICS common currency. “The emergence of a new settlement currency is inevitable because the current international monetary situation is irrational,” the Russian economist stated. Not only that the international monetary situation is irrational, but also the fact that the political and military chaos  generated sanctions and forced the eastern states to de-dollarize.


10 – Why we can’t go (back?) to the moon

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