2023/11/05th – The forgiver ends the quarrel

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1a – What did Trump mean – Remember, remember the 5th of November ? – we’ll soon know – Get Your Popcorn Ready: Trump Scheduled to Take Stand in His Own Defense – this is a civil matter

1b – You get to choose what you follow     

2a – 95% of Kiwis are vaxxed – now the excess deaths have begun


2b -Canadian Doctor – Turbo cancers hit the young


2d – CDC doctors openly targeting children

 2e – How good is Senator Bridget McKenzie.  

The Senate Inquiry into Qantas expenditure and its shocking bias for the Yes campaign which was recently defeated in Australia

2f – Inquiry into Covid Crime No 6029679/21

3 – Las Vegas MK Ultra Dome – brainwashing

4a – Children reunited with siblings following strikes in Gaza City


4b – Legislation passed UK – Agents of the State can break the Law


4c – UK Covid 19 Inquiry – 2 Nov 2023  3hrs


4d – A drop of blood – The Vaxxed are irreversibly mutated, no longer human


5 – There is NO Local Govt in our Constitution

We know that and so do most Council Mayors and councillors – they get around it by using Local Govt Laws and use Police to enforce their charges – all illegal under Sect 109 in the real Constitution Act of 1901


6 – Beware of foreign devices found in you home

Treat all electronic devices as Wireless/BT devices until proven otherwise.

7a – Ex CIA – Israel is not a friend to the US (2014)


7b – Jan Halper linked to the Fabian Society

7c – Charlie Ward 3rd Nov – good summary

7d- Mike Johnson pins down the Democrats

8a – Warning to all Jews

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Firstly there are no “Jews” and there are good Hebrew people who believe they are “jews” There are Judah-ites from the tribe of Judah who would be true Israelites. So how can we be anti-semitic – Semite come from the word Shemite  a descendant of the Biblical Shem . Since all Caucasians are descended from Shem, how can we be anti-ourselves ?

8b – Former UN Ex-Director and President of the Club of Rome

Why we must say NO to everything from any Govt    

9a – Britain to Relinquish Tax Sovereignty to WEF

9b – Gaza, Israel and Zionism – good commentary

9c – A word from an Arab

9d – The Great Lie – about Allahwatch all 8mins

10a – Gates isn’t the only elite facing charges.


10b – RFK states “I love Hillary Clinton” 

Did he say that just to get into the Democrats – or did he really mean it ?

10c – Will the real Joe Biden stand up ?  

10d – And how about the real Albo ?

11a – Secrets of Smithsonian – Hidden History


11b – Are there Unicorns in the Bible ?

This is one of the many examples how the negative beings in power manipulate our knowledge and remove the truths that have existed over countless lifetimes. 

12a – These foods cause depression  

12b – Med-Beds by Christmas  ???  mp3

13 – Do all pilots say the Earth is flat?

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