2023/11/06th – Remembering the 5th of November ?

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The articles relating to Trump’s 5th November are reproduced here @ item 1 (a-d) I cannot guarantee the content as it is the opinion of the authors. However, it does appear to be happening. Pray it is true

1a – It is over – I don’t know who this is

1b – A message from Graham Hodsdon

1c – Chase Bank won’t accept cash

1d – Remember, remember… shhh, it just happened

November 5 2023  By Phil Godlewski VIDEO:  1.39 hours

REPORTER NOTES: Compliments of Rebecca (rough transcript; go to the link for details and accuracy)

(18.43 minutes)

HOST:  We could be ‘days’ away from one of the most important events in the history of mankind. When I say that I am not necessarily referring to Donald Trump coming back into office, although that is going to happen, too. I am talking about a large widespread RESET.  It is NOT the reset that “they” wanted… the cabal.  It is the reset that we wanted.

HOST:  The Citizens Bank has collapsed…. Quote:  “According to the Iowa Division of Banking, the bank had about $66 million in total assets and $59 million in total deposits as of September of this year.”

HOST:  That money is lost… IT IS GONE.  All of the assets are gone. This bank is not on the scale as the Silicon Valley…. What makes this failure worse is that this bank was a Regional bank… the kind that you use. They are not part of the big banking conglomerates like BOA, Wells Fargo, or Chase. This was a small local bank in Iowa. Good luck getting any money back… The Silicon Bank people are still waiting… some of them got the FDIC $250,000, but no more. This is the biggest financial problem in the USA… ever

HEADLINE:  (19 Mar 2023) US banking crisis:  Close to 190 banks could collapse, according to study.

Those 190 banks that article referred to… GUESS who was on that list?… Citizens Bank. GUESS who else is about to collapse as well? ANSWER:  The rest of them.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. The 190 banks make up the entire USA… You might think ‘big deal’… I am ensured by the FDIC. No.  Here is why. In 2008 there was an Insurance Company called AIG… bankruptcy. They had all the big guys insured. The FDIC is just the Federal Reserve’s insurance wing… and the Fed is completely bankrupt. They keep trying to get money via Congress with ‘loans to Ukraine’…

FACT:  The Fed does not have any money. They are trying to push off what they are doing as ‘helping a friendly nation’. Neither of those nations are friendly… let’s get a grip. In REALITY… the FDIC insurance is the insurance that will cover you if your Regional Bank goes under.

BUT… if the FDIC is not able to cover the depositors in those banks… then you are OUT. Your deposits ‘go up in smoke’ if your bank collapses.

TODAY marks an enormous occasion…. What happened publicly with Citizens Bank… but more importantly BEHIND THE SCENES…is more important. 

FACT:  It was the finalization of NESARA.  It happened TODAY. The REEVALUATION of all currencies happened TODAY in all countries. It is done.

WARNING:  Over the next several weeks… you will see bank failures like dominos falling. Today… is the next day for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. I am telling you with 100 percent CERTAINTY that it is done… It happened THIS MORNING.

Why November 5?  Who knows…. And I don’t give a shit… We are playing with the House’s money now. We are at the precipice of resetting our lives.

(34.29 minutes)

HOST:  Reviewing NESARA

INSERT:  Source: Change is on the Horizon – NESARA Mission – By James Rink


(3.01 hours) – 3 Parts.  NESARA is explained in Part 3.

Change is on the Horizon is a three hour documentary written, narrated, and produced by James Rink which explains the NESARA Mission. NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act passed by congress and signed into law October 10, 2000.

Reporters NOTES:  DO NOT CONFUSE… the following two entities:

1. NESARA – National Economic Security and Reform Act [plus GESARA]

 2. NESARA – National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.

The first option is a powerful new banking system, passed into law by Congress, signed at military gun-point by Clinton, and delayed by the Bush cartel and Obama.  The second option is a deep state double to create propaganda about the real NESARA and the legal cases… “Swamp News”. 

(1.02 hours)

HOST:  Here is Trump speaking…. “Trump on the Importance of 2024 Elections” Quote:  They make a special paper today that is almost impossible to forge.  They have a WATERMARK.  Need I remind you … I can’t believe he said it.  That was recently…. Within the last week. I studied body language for a very long time… look what Trump does with his eyes after he says watermark. We saw him do that thing with his eyes before… in a Press Conference … His eyes go up and he takes a pause.

That is a ‘Tell’…. Like in poker faces. Beyond a shadow of a doubt… that was something Trump was not supposed to say. I have watched it for years and years…

(1.10 hours)

HOST:  Let’s listen to this guy.  We have heard it before.  This man is a Psychiatrist. He is Steve Pieczenki.  He has appeared many times on Infowars… This video was the day after the 2020 Election FRAUD.

MESSAGE:  This is a Sting Operation, regardless of what anybody says…. What happened… We Watermarked every ballot with a “QFS Block-Chain Encryption Code”… Which means we know where every ballot is… where it went … and who has it.  So this is not a ‘stolen election’.  On the contrary, we REVERSED the entire game of war… along the lines of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.  Trump is brilliant at it.  The reason he has not been seen, and Alex is correct, is because in the Art of War one pulls back and allows the enemy to make all of their mistakes… manipulate the situation… expose them… AND THEN come in for the kill.  That is what’s happening now.  None of this was unexpected.  All of this was EXPECTED.  All of this was part of a Sting Operation.

(1.13 hours)

HOST:    Mr. Pieczenki is basically saying… the ballots were watermarked… and Trump just said that, too. You ask… if we knew the ballots were watermarked going into that election… they why did they just stop them? Well, we could have stopped them…Trump could have gone back into office.  But then, these things would not have happened:

1.     We would not have exposed the deep state

2.    We could not have gotten rid of the deep state

3.    We would not have taken down the cabal… once and for all. So we would have won the election… and four years later things would have returned as usual in 2024…. And that is NOT a victory… It would only have been like a ‘band aide’ on a sliced carotid artery. I know… it has been a really rough road for the past 3 years…. Lost loved ones… lost jobs… We needed to catch them all.

(1.16 hours)

HOST:  I need to remind you about one tiny things we should not forget…

“Watch the water”…. If Q was talking about a watermark… why did he say ‘watch the water’?

I have read all of the Q drops… many of you have, too. Anyway, we never knew what that meant… watch the water. That post has been up almost six years…. That is how long ago that plan has been in place… We KNEW that they were going to steal that election in 2020.  We knew that in 2018. By the way, this Q Drop was put up on February 15, 2018 @ 1:08:41 am Interesting… by the way.

In September of 2018 … that is when Executive Order 13848 was put into place. The remark went up early in the year… once we were ready, Trump signed it into Order 13848 “Dealing with Foreign Interference in an Election”…. Domestic or Foreign. So the whole thing was a STING.

(1:20 hours)

HOST:  So how does this shake out?  Where does this go from here? How close are we to the end? Let me TELL you something:  WE ARE AT THE END. This is the end. Remember all of those ballots everybody kept finding everywhere? Everybody thought their ballot was disenfranchised.  WRONG. Those ballots were the ones that the Cabal thought we were going to use. But other ballots came in that were watermarked. So all of the cabal’s ballots were thrown away… and replaced with the watermarked ballots.

The cabal did NOT KNOW about the watermark. The people who knew about the watermarked ballots… you could count them on one hand. Trump… 2 military… and two more on the outside. What does that tell you about Q?  Must be pretty high up.

Watermark… Mark… Mark Pool… who is Mr. Pool?  He does not exist and never did? What am I talking about?  Does anybody know? Guys, this was set in motion so long ago…. Seems like too much to fathom. That is EXACTLY how it needed to be… too much. There are many moving parts…the election fraud… the NESARA… the free energy… And then, there are all of the bad actors who are in Congress. So can you IMAGINE the logistics of all this? Can you imagine how hard it has to be?A task that would normally take 3 months… will take almost 3 years to complete. That is because…

1.    You are operating outside of the Media

2.    You are operating outside of the Public’s view

3.    You are operating in secret with coordination between multiple militaries and intelligence communities throughout the world. That is why it is taking so long… Do you remember where you were on the night of November 5, 2020? I stayed up all night… it was SO OBVIOUS what they did… And they called the election so early… which was the KEY. They knew that we were not going to CAUSE a civil war…because that is the type of people we are. They did think they got away with it… when Trump left office.

THEY WERE WRONG.  They were set up in a major STING OPERATION. Do not talk about the 2024 Election with me. There is NO NEED for another election We have lived through three years of horse shit… and we are not going through another election. We are headed for financial freedom and the best times for our future family’s lives.


You ask when. I don’t know… maybe 3 days. This week should be interesting. Get to ‘GoldQuiz’ and get your 401K out and convert it to precious metals… hard assets. I am telling you… the EVENT TO START THEM ALL happened today … with a regional bank failing. (We have 28 million on multiple platforms for the LIVE tonight)

Continues on video

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