2023/11/07th – Almost everything is a Lie

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1 – Almost everything is a Lie + a close up of the $200,000 chq to Biden

2a – Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses


2b – “Israel is about to be wiped out” Douglas Macgregor


2c – Attacks on US Soil… Cities on the list – WW3


3 – Will the asleep be in for a rude awakening ?

4 – These women were carrying children in sacks to be sold before being stopped in Congo

5 – A short message from Wyatt Earp

6 – Who should have a license ?

7a – ULEZ-type cameras arriving in Australia


7b – Bye bye Disneyland – Walt would turn in his grave if he found out why

8a – More Tartarian free energy

8b – Beautiful buildings – How could they ??

9 – More mind boggling guitar playing


10a – Lost tribes of Israel – where are they now ?


10b -Sidney Kidman – the Australian cattle king


10c – A new category for Parables


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