2023/11/08th – It had to be this way  

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1 – It had to be this way – Q 

2 – Avocados not nice in Safeway stores – Victoria

3 – How to know your EV is fully charged 

4 – Albanese falls for the ‘oldest trick in the book


5 – Australian States going ahead making their own Voice to Parliament – contrary to the will of the people


6 – When we say they have it all, they have it all

7 – Your Privacy Is Almost Gone – Five Ways You Can Fight Back

15 min in. Take out and cancel google, they have to send u all your info back.. Never have an app…. 24 min in – any smart car – Tesla etc listen and record you …… Even toys…watch this,, important…


8 – WHO and CDC – Their  Covid is here to stay = their plans

9 – WEF wants to put a price on water

10 – Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 7, 2023

Biden Impeachment was pending after a Federal Judge affirmed hard evidence that the First Family engaged in a long pattern of extortion, bribery, influence peddling, tax fraud and staggering abuses of power. … Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House, on Mon. 6 Nov. 2023

According to Phil Godlewski NESARA was also activated early Sunday morning 5 Nov. 2023.

Banks Failing Worldwide – TRUMP’s Secret Military Operation: Hidden Executive Orders


11 – From The Big Call with Bruce 7/11/2023 – Audio follows

So to the timeline we were on a timeline that looked like we could get notified today – but today and tonight it’s centering around 7pm news and the alternative sites – and President’s Trumps rally in Florida  – he’s going to be speaking  – it’s hard to start them on time, for several reason so between 7 – 8 he’s supposed to make several blockbuster announcements  but here is the point by several people they say listen to this speech and yes it’s the 8th and guess who’s favourite number that is – China.   And the 8th is the day they like because of new beginning and I think it will come out tomorrow and here we have information that the notifications either right before or a few hours after those announcements are over and I think the most accurate was that he’d speak and then we’d get our notifications – to me that makes sense – I think we just have to watch it will be on NewsMax  at 3pm this afternoon the 800’s were being reloaded and reworked with the emails and they know all about us and who we are  

The Treasury has all this and now all reorganized to work with Starlink and in so doing they have eliminated half a million emails of those not worthy of that exchange   – and they won’t get it in an email   – but if and when they do get to the RC they will not be allowed to exchange –   I know I’ve never said I’ll call it – but this is as close as we’ve ever been the USN out and Nesara and we are READY TO GO and the only thing was the Military have to give the Green light to the Treasury and give that to the RC  AND THEN WE GO and roll with the 800’s numbers.   And if anybody thinks there are no numbers or RC or Zim and if people are thinking that – they are way out to left field and don’t know anything.  It’s so obvious and so clear and our contacts are at the RC and we know there is a good Dinar rate on the Back screen yesterday and that will go to the front screen but our rates will be higher and the RC have their own rates for us and to use that toll free number and make our appointment and go to exchange from four different military sources – so let’s say tomorrow night and if that goes out as we’ve been told we could exchange on the 9th Thursday.  

So email list trimmed down  – and all linked up and ready to go and yes I’m excited but I should have known with the rally and it being the 8th for China  – for that all to occur it should have told me something.   I think everything is set and are you set and now Bruce is going on to talk about Sue again and her programs  – so really dear Ones I don’t think we could ask for better news tonight – this is sounding wonderful  am sure Bruce will be thanking his whole team Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott and Jeannie and Larry and of course all the listeners from all around the world.  And for Sure SURE praying out the call  – please join with Bruce in that prayer and Please keep praying because we are really down to the wire and please listen to President Trump tomorrow with several announcements.  

Please keep praying until this Heavenly Manifest in ALL OUR LIVES ALL AROUND OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD.     AND My Love to you ALL  Gem

12 – Bruce’s Big Call 11-07-2023

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