2023/11/09th – The big die off has started

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1a – The big die off has started – idiots watching others dying while they line up to get jabbed


1b – The Public has never seen this story

Just what none of us want or need.


2a – Israel was born out of jewish terrorism 

2b – Her classmate was decapitated  

3a – Religious Mind Control + coming Holy War

3b – Zionist Stooge – Avi Yemen

4a – Albanese has some ‘real problems’


4b – Albanese “vows” cost of living relief

When will anyone wake up that interest causes inflation ?


4c – 60% Voted to against racist division

Article from Gil M – WE HAVE VOTED NO — 60% OF AUSTRALIA — AND 1,776,553 PEOPLE NEVER VOTED BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO THEM.  It’s time MP’s listen to everyone who voted including those who had lost respect and interest in politics as well. Tell the people you have heard their voice with respect and you will act to stop the fanatics who are determined to divide Australia on racial hereditary lines and remove racist legislation and procedures — Or lose our vote.

No means NO.   No more racial divisions and racist claims every time aboriginal issues are discussed. The first move should be to remove the racist and divisive aboriginal flag off all government buildings, we only have one Australian flag and that must be the only one flown. The door is wide open to sort out aboriginal realities from the bulldust we have had shoved down our throat for far too long because politicians would not stand up to stop it at the outset, for fear of being publicly called a racist and vilified by the press, ABC and aboriginal industry — and such is understandable their power can destroy a good reputation overnight. 

Calling someone racist as a taunt without reason must become a police response offence. We now we have a very different picture of Australia, the people have spoken a very powerful definitive NO more aboriginal racists taunts to those who asks questions on the billion dollar expenditures, NO more waster billions of our taxpayer’s money that has never been fully accounted for and needs a Royal Commission to identify why it never reached the people it was supposed to help,  NO more baloney concocted ‘Welcome to Country’ and stupid smoking ceremonies that were a tribal rarity lost a 100 years ago. NO more renaming of Australia; NO more tolerated crime, violence, rape of women and children, murder and damage to property. They must follow the same laws as everyone else, pay their own legal fees and restitution for damages from mining royalties they receive. The law must be applied firmly and equally to all people

5a – Child Sex Offenders Australia List.



5b – British Soldier exposes King Charles 3rd


6a – Red October Summary


6b – Major shifts by end of 2023 – opinion

6c – Wyatt Earp opinion – mp3

7a – WEF Insiders jump ship as prosecutors prepare Nuremberg

Two years ago, Klaus Schwab openly bragged that the WEF and their stakeholders were on track to have total control over the human race by the year 2030. Unfortunately for Schwab and his dystopian vision of microchips, open air prisons, and reduced populations, the last two years have not gone to plan. In fact, they have been a disaster for them. The people of the world are slowly but surely waking up to the truth about his evil agenda and Schwab and his cronies are now terrified of being served justice. The elite are now acting like cornered rats and it’s our job to make sure they do not escape.

7b – It’s time to bring in the Bidens


7c – Roseanne Barr At the Trump Rally

8a – EVs will get cheaper

8b – I’ll never go near a doctor for general health

9 – UK land owners paid to stop food production

10 – Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)     

11a – Free fresh water for African villages  

11b – We all need some energy now and then

This site on free looks perfect for anyone interested in saving energy costs.


12 – A prayer for world wide currency re-set

Heavenly Father Yaweh, We come to You again, as humbly as we know how…You Who have given us Authority over the Enemy…You Lord, Who have made us just a little lower than the Angels…asking that You bind any conflicts casting down any spirits of confusion or rebellion that might attempt hinder this GCR release from moving forward… Lord, break each and every stronghold removing anything that’s not like You. Then touch the hearts of the Decision Makers, giving all those involved a mindset of cooperation in all aspects of this Revaluation, so that this process moves forward smoothly and in a timely fashion…  And Father God, continue to send legions of Your Warring Angels to stand in defence of our Armed Forces. Cover them, protecting each of them from any hurt, harm or danger, that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Place a fiery hedge of protection around us all Lord as You impart wisdom and discernment in us to complete the task at hand.

Then Father, cleanse all of Your long-suffering Saints from all unrighteousness as we stand now at the threshold in preparedness to walk  into our destiny which You have Divinely Ordained  in order to fulfill Your Promise for our lives. …Heavenly Father, encamp Your Angels round bout this World…as Humanity positions itself on the precipice for this long awaited Transference of Wealth. Lord, give Your Angels charge over every receptive individual with a Heart for Your people. Lord God, we collectively stand in agreement praying that You Keep Watch…Binding any efforts intended to delay a favourable and expected outcome for such a time as this…We as children of the Most High God now as a family now “draw a line in the sand” decreeing under the Blood of Jesus that this timeline cannot & will not be crossed. We give Thanks as we Glorify and  Praise Your Holy Name…Asking  for protection and that all necessary steps concerning scheduling of staff, security, appointments of every Tier level to be released now with special regard to Tier 4B liquidity now coming into fruition.

Give us a double portion of Your Anointing from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet with Your Divine Favour Heavenly Father, as we make our way to Redemption Centres, Exchange Centres and Banks…And with favour in every encounter and transaction completed. …Then Father graciously touched the hearts of Decision Makers. Consecrate and bless them for their obedience & bless them with more than they could ever hope or imagine. And lastly Lord, give as Your “Chosen Vessels”, with a “creative miracle”… We love and need You Lord, now more than ever. We just thank in advance Lord, considering this as already done Father God…Thanking You, for all that You have done & all that You plan to do for us, in us and through us Lord Jesus…The World Thanks You…as do future generations for Nesara/Gesara and for placing Your this Mandate that You have entrusted with us as Good Stewards.

We Praise Your Holy Name saying “Abba Father” as we likewise exclaim “Glory to God in the Highest…Placing our petition at Your Throne of Grace asking that our Lord & Saviour  Yeshua Hamashiach intercede once again on our behalf…Forgive us for any sins known or unknown…and now wash and cleanse us from all unrighteousness that this prayer might be made Holy and Acceptable in Thy Sight. These blessings we pray under the Sacred Blood of Your Precious Son our King of Kings giving You Heavenly Father our Eternal Praise, Worship & Honour asking in the Matchless Name of our Lord & Saviour Yeshua Hamashiach forever & ever. Hallelujah Amen


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