2023/11/11h – An Honourable Judge

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1 – Here is How A Sane Honorable Judge Talks

2a – Australia a gradual shift to cash-free society

2b – Australian Blackouts Expose the Dangers of Digital Currency Social Credit Score Lockdowns – A big wake up for everyone You must pay cash for everything you possibly can


3a – Integrity in climate science on Sky News


3b – Time to get out of the WHO

4 – Former Israeli diplomat: Hamas is Israeli govt

5a – Holohoax 6 million

“The Holocaust” is widely known as the murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany, many, if not most of them in gas chambers, disguised as shower rooms.

Note – Even if they could incinerate 1000 per day it would take 16 years


5b – Rebuilding the Third Temple – It’s your choice what you believe



6 – A New List of Banks Connected to QFS System

Royal Bank of Zimbabwe $835,000,082,302,000,000 (13 metric tons of in ground gold estimated to yield $14 billion per annum by RBZ going forward) Central Bank Zimbabwe

Bank of Japan $5,209,470,000,000 Central Bank Asia

People’s Bank of China $5,144,760,000,000 Central Bank Asia

Deutsche Bundesbank $2,014,010,000,000 Central Bank Europe

Bank of France $1,244,730,000,000 Central Bank Europe

Bank of Italy $1,135,605,542,549 Central Bank Europe

Swiss National Bank $886,574,000,000 Central Bank Europe

Bank of Spain $861,564,000,000 Central Bank Europe

Central Bank of Brazil $856,248,000,000 Central Bank Latin America

Bank of England $758,014,000,000 Central Bank Europe

Reserve Bank of India View Total Assets Central Bank Asia

European Central Bank View Total Assets Central Bank Europe

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority View Total Assets Central Bank Middle

Central Bank of China View Total Assets Central Bank Asia

Bank of Korea View Total Assets Central Bank Asia

Central Bank of the Russian Federation View Total Assets Central Bank

Netherlands Bank View Total Assets Central Bank Europe

Monetary Authority of Singapore View Total Assets Central Bank Asia

Central Bank of Luxembourg View Total Assets Central Bank Europe

National Bank of Belgium View Total Assets

And heaps more

Ignore the videos on here – they are marketing



7a – Save your dead batteries for recharge

Boil some water in a saucepan, put the batteries in it and boil for 1 minute. Get some cold water and put the batteries in it for 2 minutes. Dry them on some paper towels and insert in your torches or other things. I have tried this out already and it works. Jeanne

7b – Best ways to remove pesticides from your fruit and vegetables


7c – Help during my stomach cancer journey

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8 – How can your smartass TV watch you ?

Not sure if you need your comp or smartass phone on or not


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